About Me!

I am truly a mid-western girly-girl.  I was originally born in South Dakota and currently live in Ohio.  My husband and I are "high school sweethearts" (I hate that term for the negative connotation it carries) and to add another cheesy phrase on top of that one, I swear it was love.at.first.sight!

One of my favorites is The Ohio State University where I went to school!

After graduating from OSU, Derek and I got married.  You can view more pictures of our wedding here!

After living together for about 6 months, we decided to add to our family...

Derek and I built our first home together.  We are busy with home-owner projects and decorating!

My blog definitely reflects my interests of fashion, decorating (considering I have a whole house to tackle), food & wine / cooking & recipes, reality tv, and good books to read!  Thanks for stopping by!