Monday, March 27, 2017

Leni- 10 Months

Clothes- 18 months is where it is at for Miss Leni.  We are keeping her in 12 month sleepers because she is still losing her feet out of the sleeper when crawling around.  Once she starts walking, these will get packed away.

Health- We had a cold this month that then led to diarrhea for about 8 days, ugh!  The rest of the house had a stomach bug at the same time so we weren't sure if these effects were from the cold, another bug, or just her version of our stomach bug.  Thank goodness that is over!

Diet- Same old same old here.  We are still doing 4 bottles a day (3 with 7 ounces and 1 with 8 ounces).  I'm thinking this will be the norm until 1 year where we will put those babies away cold turkey.  She drinks from a sippy cup for water and will drink water from a straw out at restaurants.  She just refuses to take her milk from a sippy cup.  Still on Similac Supplementation.  

Solid foods have ramped up this month.  Leni is starting to veer away from purred foods and really enjoys feeding herself.  Come on teeth...still 0!!

Crying- such a happy girl this month!  Crying was usually due to falling as we have started furniture walking a whole lot this month.

Sleep- 2 naps a day (9:30 & 1:00).  The cat nap was gone this month!  Bedtime is around 7:00/7:15 and then she is up at 7:30am.  We had 2 wake up's this for Grandma & Grandpa while we were on vacation.  Not sure what they were related to, but we were thinking teething.

Likes- This month, it was all about being on the move!  Moving towards the dog dishes is definitely her favorite thing to do.  She will stop right before, turn and look at you, and then keep going.  She loves to be wherever her big sissy is and loves being read to.

Disklikes- being left alone in a room and having things taken from her

Milestones- BIG month for movement.  Leni has started regular night I took off her clothes after a blow-out, and she crawled everywhere.  I guess not having the clothes prevented her from army crawling.  Pulling herself up (on about everything) and furniture walking happened this month.  She is not too big on pushing things when walking, but would rather be walking to and from things.  Sometimes, she tries to walk without holding onto something and of course falls because she cannot balance yet!

Mama finally came out of her mouth.  Everything is still pretty much dada.

Other Thoughts- This month was so much fun!  You are becoming very independent and spend most of your time exploring your surroundings.   As long as big sister is around, you are content playing all by yourself.  In the evenings is my snuggle time as you will sit still long enough for me to hold you!  We cannot believe how big you have gotten.  You will definitely be walking soon...we wonder what will come first, a tooth or that first step!  You also love when we say a word, such a mama, and you will say dada dada dada.  Your daddy wanted to make sure I added that tidbit in here for the record books :)

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