Friday, February 17, 2017

Leni- 9 Months

Clothes- We are in 12 months and 18 MONTHS (what?!?!)  The 18 mo. sleepers are a little big and her legs/feet get a little lost in the clothes when crawling around; however, the rest of the clothes fit best in 18 mo.

Health- Pretty healthy over here.  Charlie girl caught a bad bug this past month and mom had the flu so we were so happy little Leni Bean stayed healthy throughout everything!

Diet- Still on Similac Supplementation.  We are still at 4 bottles this month.  We tried switching one bottle to a sippy-cup and Leni wanted nothing to do with it.  Good thing she drinks water out of a sippy-cup or else I would be freaking out!

We are still doing 7 ounces in each bottle.

Solid foods are going great.  Leni has always enjoyed table food more than pureed baby food.  I steamed sweet potatoes and we tried avocado pieces this month.

Crying- this was another fun month :)  Leni is completely involved in everything BUT baby toys.  Sometimes, this brought crying if she fell or big sissy took something out of her hands.  Other than that, Leni is a happy happy baby girl!

Sleep- great month on sleep!  Nothing new to report here.  She is still taking 2 naps and 1 cat nap a day.  She lays down at 9:30 and 1:00 for her naps.  If we are home, Leni will take a cat nap around 5:15.  However, if we are out and about, she stays up for it all!

Bedtime is around 7:00/7:15 and then she is up at 7:30am.

Likes- Leni loves to be around everybody.  If she is left in a room by herself, she gets sad and lets us know.  Leni particularly loves the dog dishes, ahhhh!  Every time we set her down, Leni goes after the dog dishes.  Leni also loves to stand.

Disklikes- being left alone, held/sitting in one place for too long.  She loves to get down and explore.

Milestones- Leni started saying Dada this month.  Let me tell you....everything is Dada.  We think she says Hi when she waves.  Waving has been happening a lot too.  Leni army crawls everywhere!!! She has gotten pretty fast at it too.  She can also sit up from a laying position now.

This month, we've notice the eyes go from a blue to brown :(  Guess Mommy will not be having a blue-eyed baby after all.  Leni's outline of her eyes are still incredibly blue, so everything reflects blue.  But I'm braced for the whole thing turning brown soon, ha!

Other Thoughts- Little Leni, your personality and brain has expanded so much this past month.  I remember this time-period so vividly with your sister, and your daddy and I are obsessed with this age!  You are so much fun and love to stand and bounce every second of the day.  Once your little legs get tired, you are down on the floor exploring.  This month, you've become so amazed with your surroundings.  If we take you to a new place, you never seem to tire or get bored.  We love your smiles, kisses, and cuddles.


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