Friday, February 3, 2017

Great Wolf Lodge

A couple weeks ago, we took off work and took the girls to Great Wolf Lodge.  This is something that has always been on our list of to-do's.  We always heard such good things so we were excited to try it out.  This was little Leni's first night in a hotel too :)

We checked in and could not wait to get to the water park.  But first, a picture with the wolf ears on the bunk beds was priority!

There is something about little babies and bathing suits.  Charlie wore this exact suit at the ocean the first year we went.  Ah, memories!

The waterpark was SO much fun!  There was an area for little kids, wave pool, lazy river, tons of water slides, and then a splash park area.  Charlie really enjoyed the wave pool and slides.  Leni loved the wave pool as well and sitting/standing at the shallow end and having the waves come up and hit her legs.

That night after dinner, there is a story time for the kids.  It was very interactive and Charlie had such a great time.  She didn't want to sit with Derek and I and situated herself with all the kids sitting on the floor.

It was past Leni Beans bedtime so she was passed out on me while Charlie got to meet some of the characters.

Charlie picked out some HUGE wolf slippers that I could not get over.  Seriously, look at these things.  Sofunny!

The girls slept so great that night.  Charlie did awesome with her undies (also a first time wearing undies at night in a foreign place), yay!  As soon as Charlie woke up, she wanted to head straight to the water park.

Derek and I had so much fun with the girls on our little stay-cation!  And how cool is it that the Lodge is located right here in Cincinnati?!  Charlie went down all the big water slides that she was allowed on.  Derek and I were talking that this was the first time since having children that we got to experience more adult-type of fun with our kids because we got to go down all the big slides with Charlie.  It is so fun to see your kids experience the zoo, etc. but there is also something about getting to have adult-like fun with your kids.

We will definitely be heading back soon!

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