Thursday, December 1, 2016

Tasting Dinner

A couple weeks ago, we attended a tasting dinner at a local wine bar, 20 Brix.  It was sponsored by a California winery, Rodney Strong.  The most exciting thing about the dinner was creating a cabernet blend all based on your tastes and preferences at the end!

We LOVE our 20 Brix!  Derek and I do date nights here quite frequently.  Especially on retail wine nights :)

Menu included:
1) Bone Marrow Whipped Butter
2) Beef Fat and Red Wine Braised Conger Eel
3) Tilefish Migas
4) Braised Kentucky Lamb Belly

This bone marrow whipped butter dish was super delicious.  Maybe even the table's favorite dish of the whole night.  The strawberries with the charred broccoli greens pesto paired so well together!

We learned a lot about Eel that night.  When eel is on a menu, it is not typically the long slithery animal you normally think of.  Rather, it is almost like a grouper...think huge!  This dish was a huge hit.  And not to mention the chorasco sausage was out of this world!

This was my favorite dish of the evening!  It was full of mexican flavors, which are my favorite! 

And overall, this was the least favorite dish of the night.  The lamb was pretty fatty and the onion overpowered the rest of the flavors.  Still, Chef Paul never disapoints!

This was the most exciting part of the dinner...the blending of the cabernets we tasted throughout dinner.  Derek's Mom & I went with a pretty similar blend and Derek & his Dad did something similar.  We all ended up liking the boys blends better...go figure!

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