Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Progressive Dinner

We had our 4th annual Christmas progressive dinner with our neighborhood!  This is something we look forward to doing every year.  We are always the first house and get the drinks/alcohol.  The same house also always keeps the entree and the appetizer and dessert house usually gets mixed around each year.

In the past, we have done a specialty cocktail and have had beer/wine for everybody.  We've done bourbon cider, pomegranate cocktail, holiday punch, and bourbon tasting.  This year, we decided to do a red wine tasting.  None of the ladies were pregnant this year, so we could all enjoy!

Derek and I went to our favorite wine bar the night before and tried a bunch of wines for the tasting :)  We came out with our 4 favorite.  We then snuck a boxed wine in the mix by pouring it in an empty bottle to see if anybody could spot the cheap-o.  Honestly, it may have been the one with the most gone lol.  BUTTTTT, the 3 of us that drink red wine regularly could definitely spot it!

Kind of hard to see below, but we have a piano player and a singer in the neighborhood.  At the entree house, they always sing Christmas songs for us :)

And the best part of the night was scaring the crap out of Derek...the creepy mustache makes it that much better!!!




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