Thursday, December 22, 2016

Meeting Santa

Santa has been very interesting in our family the past 3 Christmases.  Most of the time, Charlie is crying and will not go near Santa.  This year was a success for the family!  Charlie and Leni got to meet Santa 3 times this year.

First time was at Charlie's school event.  As I mentioned before, this went over very cautiously for Charlie.  All Leni wanted to do was look at Santa.

Charlie then got to meet Santa (well, Scuba Santa) at the Aquarium.

You talk in a microphone and then Santa talks back from underwater...pretty cool!

On the final stop of our Santa tour, Derek suggested we find a new Santa since we never had very good experiences at the mall.  I completely agreed and we decided to go to EnterTRAINment Junction.

I HIGHLY suggest this place for seeing Santa.  We will definitely go back.  You are in your own room all by yourself with Santa.  Your children get a chance to just chat with him and you don't feel rushed by the long line waiting.

And lookey-here....Charlie actually sat on his lap!  I think she was over Leni outdoing her :)  I guess having a little sissy is helping in that arena.

Charlie has told Santa every time, she wants juggling balls for Christmas.  Bet you can guess what will be under our tree this year!

2013, 2014, and 2015 (which I'm still bitter about, ha!...why would they pose us like that?!  So awkward!)

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Anne said...

Oh my gosh such a fun collection of photos already. That first one from this year cracked me up. Charlie's all "hmmmm, not sure" and Leni's all "I LOVE YOU SANTA". Too cute.

Merry Christmas!