Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Cookies with Santa

 Last weekend, we enjoyed Cookies with Santa at Charlie's preschool.  We were very excited to go to a function at her school!  Besides drop-off and pick-up, we don't get much interaction with her experience at preschool.

The children all sang Christmas carols to kickoff the event.

 While waiting to see Santa, we decorated a "cookie" (really an Oreo that we brought from home because we knew she wouldn't be able to have a cookie due to her egg allergy), put together a bag full of Reindeer Food, and made an ornament.

Charlie promised us that she would sit on Santa's lap this year (post coming soon about this over the past couple years) and she would be brave. As soon as it was her turn to go up and talk to Santa, she wouldn't get close!  When we told her she needed to tell Santa what she wanted for Christmas, she backed in, inch-by-inch, slower than ever lol!  She told him she wanted juggling balls for Christmas which was a new one for Derek & I as we hadn't heard that one yet.

Leni went to Santa just fine!  This made Charlie get closer to Santa :)

All Leni wanted to do was look back and stare at Santa!

 Such a fun experience we were all able to do together!

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Allison said...

Awww. I love how Leni is looking up at Santa! This sounds like such a fun and adorable event!!!