Monday, November 14, 2016

Leni- 6 Months!

All 9 month clothing

So thankful that we are all good in this area!  

Still pumping :)  I eliminated a pump right at 5 1/2 months and am down to pumping 3 times a day.  As soon as I did this, my supply took another nose dive.  Right now, we are supplementing 10 onces a day.  As long as I can keep up that supply, I'll continue to pump a little longer.  I'm starting to look forward to being done though!

We have turned a page with solid foods.  After feeding her mashed potatoes at a restaurant, she discovered she loves food!  

Wow, this month brought lots of fussiness and crying!  All in the evenings.  If Leni, does not have her cat nap, then she requires all hands on deck.  If mommy or daddy are not the ones giving her that attention, it is 1000x worse!!  Thankfully the past week has been night and day different.  She is her super happy self and smiling right up until her last bottle.  Even going out to eat is easier now too!  Still crying before every nap, yuck!

This is another category that I'm so thankful for!  Another amazing month of sleep!  Leni goes down for her first nap around 9:30.  Wakes up at 11:00 and the back down for her other nap around 1:00.  The cat nap is all over the place depending if we are home or out and about, but it is usually sometime between 5:00-5:30.  Leni is in bed on or before 7:15 and we get her out of bed in the mornings at 7:30am.  This month, she has been waking up every morning around 5am and chatting up a storm.  She falls back asleep until we get her :)

Play time in bouncer, play mat, and jump-a-roo.  Leni loves being held.  She especially loves watching her sister or talking to her.  Leni is a rolling machine so I would say that she's a fan of rolling everywhere.

Leni still has stranger danger, especially when she is tired.  Leni does not like to be left in a room alone...she likes her company.

Rolling around like crazy, sitting up by herself unassisted, noticing her feet, and so much more engaged and laughing!

Other Thoughts
This month brought so much changes!  The lights are on upstairs and everything is clicking together for Miss Leni!  She is so interactive with us.  It is fun to have her mimic us and hear her try to talk.  This month Leni discovered yelling and is so loud now haha.  A lot of the time, she is just testing out her voice, but now when she cries, it is at a much louder volume!  The drooling also increased so much this month!

 And always love a good comparison :)


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Ashley @ said...

Wow her sleep schedule is amazing! What a precious little girl.