Thursday, October 20, 2016

Filter Fun!

I'm so late to the Snapchat world, and technically I'm not reaalllllyyyy on it as I downloaded it just for the fun filters.  Charlie and I spent at least 30 minutes playing around with it.  So much fun!  Especially to see these little ladies with the filters, ha!

And then I meant to include these on Leni 5 month posts, but here are a couple fun collages.  The first one is of Leni & her changes!!  Look how grown up she looks.  I expected these changes from 1 month to 3 months but I'm shocked to see the difference between 3 and 5 months!  The second collage shows Miss Charlie on the left and Miss Leni on the right both at 5 months.  They look a lot alike but there sure are a lot of differences too!

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Britt @ G Squared said...

We just did this too. I have no idea how Snapchat works but we love putting the filters on Norah. Will does especially lol. Love that you are blogging again! I need to get back into it myself.