Tuesday, April 14, 2015

Easter 2015

Little behind...yes, I know!  Things have been crazy town around these parts.  But we had such a great Easter, I could NOT not blog about it.

I finally got an Easter basket for Charlie this year (mental note for next year- turn around the bunny ear so you are able to see the name correctly).  Anyway, we hid it in a very obvious spot assuming Charlie would not know how/wouldn't be into looking for a basket.  We definitely underestimated her Easter skills.

I had fun stuffing her basket with monogrammed things this year.  Including an adorable little apron she can wear while cooking in her kitchen :)  PS- how does she look so big?!

Charlie thoroughly enjoyed going through her basket and pulling out her new things!  Including those bunny ears....they did not come off all day!

Charlie is obsessed with jewelry and shoes (duh!) so bracelets were a must for the basket.

Derek had to work unfortunately so it was just Charlie and myself for the day.  We went up to my Mom's to see family and eat a delicious meal.

My Mom was smart and nice enough to plan a little Easter egg hunt for Charlie.  Again, Derek and I completely underestimated Charlie.  We thought she was too young this year to enjoy a hunt...we were wrong!!  Girlfriend picked up all those eggs in a few short minutes.  Oops, I know better next year!

Charlie is obsessed with taking the eggs apart, putting them back together, taking them out of her basket, putting them in her basket, etc. etc. even to this day!!

Hope you all had a great Easter!


Pegster said...

Happy Easter, I can't get over how big Charlie is right now, crazy. Nice seeing your happy faces, too bad Derek wasn't there. You now have to subject him to a photoshoot ;)

Anne said...

Tooo cute! My mom sent a little basket for Hendrik and he loved pulling out the new treasures... but I didn't think to do an egg hunt! I bet he would have had fun. Maybe I should just do it now :)

Erin LFF said...

So SO adorable! Her basket, her goodies and the Easter egg hunting! :)