Wednesday, February 11, 2015

A Quick Trip to New Orleans!

It's official, I'm so behind on recapping!  But, I just had to write about our quick trip to New Orleans! Last minute, Derek and I found out we were lucky enough to get Sugar Bowl tickets via a raffle.  We went to the 2008 Sugar Bowl, so we were excited to head back to New Orleans.  This time with more than Bourbon Street on our minds ;)

We knew we had to drive because finding flights to a huge bowl game city a week before the big game was ridiculously expensive!  However, Derek had to work the 31st (keep in mind the game was on the 1st!), so we had to drive over night.  As soon as Derek got home from work, we took off around 11pm.  He had just worked a 14 hour shift, so I knew I would be driving most of the way.  That was our big New Years Eve night plans!

Driving over night wasn't that bad at all.  And when we got there, New Orleans was OSU/Alabama party city even at 10am.  I slept probably about 30 minutes, but then was so excited and ready to go!  We got dressed and headed out to be a part of all the madness.

Fun fact- we drove all the way there with no tickets!!!!!  It was supposed to come by Christmas, but the tickets never arrived.  The box office assured me that the tickets would be held for us at the Super Dome, but man, it was a little nerve racking driving all that way with no tickets.  We were so relieved when we got them in our hands!!

Derek and I had fun partaking in drinking our way through New Orleans including outside.  Just like Vegas, theres nothing more fun and scandalous than taking your alcoholic beverage outside!  We also met a ton of fun people....those including Alabama fans.  They were honestly the nicest fans we have ever encountered.  And that southern accent!

We were so lucky to meet up with a ton of friends there as well!  Here we were with Sarah and Jake before the game!

We ended up having fantastic seats and sat next to some funnnnnn people!  It involved getting rounds after rounds for everyone around us (all taking turns of course!).

This is Derek's game face....we still laugh at this picture!  We were ready to win!!!  This was one of the best sporting events we have ever been a part of!  We cheered so loud that we both lost our voices.  We couldn't have been more excited to be there!

The next day was spent exploring New Orleans!  We went to Nola's tap room and enjoyed the afternoon with a few friends.  On the way back to our hotel, we walked most of it.  Exploring the neighborhoods around downtown was not something we got the chance to do the first time, so we loved seeing everything!  The couple we were with just took a walking tour and they shared all their history lessons with us.  We stopped and shopped at local boutiques and of course ate our way through the whole day!  How can you not in this delicious city!!

That evening we had dinner at GW Fins.  We had such a great experience at this restaurant and I highly suggest it to anyone visiting New Orleans.  I ended up with the Sole with lobster and Derek got their tuna.

We headed back the next day to see our baby girl who was having the best time with her grandparents!  Thank goodness New Orleans is just a car trip away!  We will see you again New Orleans!


Anne said...

So fun you guys got to do this! And I'm still amazed that it doesn't take THAT long to drive to New Orleans... tempting to take a trip, especially now that you have me thinking about all that good food they've got!

Erin LFF said...

Sooo fun! And I love that you guys just drove you the night... you wild, spontaneous kids ;) Looks like an absolute blast and of course the game was AMAZING!

Becky said...

That sounds like such a fun trip!!! I'm glad you all could go and plan it that quick! Peter's sister wants to go to New Orleans for a weekend trip for her 30th birthday so we're trying to plan that!! :)

Shelley said...

so fun! i can't believe you guys drove through the night and then had the game to go to as soon as you got down to NOLA. your meal at gw fins looks delish. we might have to check them out the next time we go to NOLA.

Pegster said...

Mini getaway with the baby are the best. So glad you enjoyed your time away. It's little moment like these that make us enjoy our babies more.

Ashley R said...

I just got back from New Orleans and I am already homesick for it. Such a fantastic place!! Looks like you guys had an amazing time!