Thursday, November 6, 2014

Charlotte- 12 Months!

12 month clothing all around.  Still in size 3 diapers

This was an exciting month in not a good way...we had an allergist appointment where Charlotte had the skin test for many allergies.  We found out she is allergic to most nuts (especially cashews) and seeds, and of course eggs.

Also, we had a scare the other day.  All of the sudden out of nowhere, Charlie couldn't walk.  She was having the hardest time putting any weight on her left leg and would therefore collapse when trying to walk.  After her first x-rays (7!), we found out there was no broken or fractured bones.  The pediatrician said it must be related to a soft tissue sprain/strain.  Luckily after 24 hours she was able to put weight on her leg again and was walking around.  Whew....turning 1 is hard work ;)

Other than that, we feel extremely fortunate that our little girl is super healthy.  She has gotten her flu shot so we are ready for the winter.  We know that first cold/sickness is bound to happen!


Nothing too new here besides we are gearing up to get rid of the last bottle and formula next month (a big YAY!!!).  We have noticed that Charlie is naturally drinking less milk and concentrating more on regular food.  It is so much fun to take her out to eat and have her eat whatever we order.  Such a big girl!

We have had an interesting change this month with the naps.  The second nap is really hit or miss as far as length.  Sometimes she will go to sleep right away and sleep her normal 1 1/2 hours and other times, she will only sleep 30-45 minutes.  This is definitely a sign that she is starting to transition to one nap.  Once we feel like she wants nothing more to do with that afternoon nap, we will start with the one nap in the afternoon.

These past few months have been the best yet!  She is the happiest little girl.  We seldom have whining, crying, or fussiness.  Although the only way to communicate right now is with some noise, but we usually know exactly what she wants so we can stop it pretty quick.

Baby Gear
Any and all books (she will bring us books all day long to read...but she only hangs around for a few seconds of us reading it to her before she walks away), stuffed animals (especially her puppy), blocks, and any toy that you have to take out and put back in

Music (LOVES music!), dancing, playing outside, walking/running, bath time

Being in the stroller for extended periods, not having her puppy when sleeping

There were so many fun new things happening this month!  Charlie started following instructions.  For example, we would tell her to go get something and she would bring it to us.  Also, she started giving hugs.  We would ask for a hug and she would run over and hug us.  It may be the sweetest thing yet.  An exciting thing happened on her first birthday, she had her first kiss (seriously laughing out loud thinking about it).  Paxton, a neighbor about 3 years older, was over for the party and they ended up hugging when he was leaving.  Well, Charlotte laid a kiss right on him and then starting running after him when he was walking away.  I guess she wanted more :)

Charlotte is at a standstill with 4 teeth.  We are loving the nice little break of teething.  As with everything, we know to enjoy this time because it will change soon!

Other Thoughts
Charlie, we cannot believe you are ONE!!!  This past month has been the best and most fun.  You are such a rotten little girl and your Dad and I eat up every second we are with you.  You are starting to throw your head back and laugh which makes us laugh uncontrollably.  You are also starting to become so independent.  When you are walking, I'll go to grab your hand and you'll pull your tiny arm away because of course, you can do it yourself.  You also know "no" and what you are not supposed to do.  If you are doing something you know is a "no," you will shake your head and say no EVEN THOUGH you still do it.  If you find something you know you aren't supposed to have, you will pick it up and run away from us when we are trying to get it back.  At the same time though, you are the sweetest and becoming so cuddly.  You will bring us things (shoes, cell phone, pieces of paper, etc.) because you know they are ours.  Sometimes you will just come up on the couch and just hang out with us for lengthy periods of time just because you love being around us.  We love your affection!  You crack us up and at the same time, fill us with love.  We are looking forward to what the next year will bring!


Jordon said...

What a gorgeous little lady! I swear some of these pics she looks JUST like you! Does anyone else think that??

Erin LFF said...

Such a sweetie! I cannot believe you have a ONE YEAR OLD!! How is that possible?!! :)

Ashley said...

How cute is she?? Love her little hair bow!

Kate said...

Girl, text me! In regards to napping... Trace did the same exact thing when he turned 1... and he fought his 2nd nap for about 2 veeeeery long months BUT I'm happy to report that I'm glad I didn't do away with the 1st nap b/c he's obsessed with both naps again. Getting 2 1.5/2 hour naps/day is incredible these days, haha!! For me, of course :)

And I hate hearing that Charlie has so many major allergies. Bleck! Are these things she'll probably grow out of or no? I'm sure this is so stressful for you....

She's gorgeous and just seems to be getting more and more fun! Yay for 1st birthdays for baby, but mostly for Mama... you did it!!!! Year 1 is in the books ;)

Anne said...

Ha, the peeling/eating sticker thing was getting very common around here by month 12 too... kind of glad I'm done with those things :)

Naps - gah! Quite the transition time. Other than that aren't these 1-year milestones so great? Can't get enough of hugs and new words and no more bottle mixing.

Charlie is SUCH a sweetie and is seeming so grown up. Well done, mama! We loved getting to see her for the party and hope these little ones can hang out again soon.

Becky said...

Wait one?!?! Weren't you just telling us you were pregnant?! :) Charlie sounds like such a little sweetheart!! I think she looks just like you and derek! I can't decide if one more than the other haha. Her head banging video seriously cracked me up!!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

My son just said "hello baby!"to Charlie! too cute. seriously though when she turn 1...that's insane how fast a year flies by. hope she enjoys her year and many more exciting milestones! congrats on the new blog name and look!!

Ericka said...

I can't believe she is one already! I remember reading when you were just announcing you were pregnant. She is such a cutie. Glad she is doing well and is such a happy little girl :)

Sarah said...

That laughing is just about the funniest thing!

Pegster said...

Happy birthday to your sweet Charlie. It is so surreal to me. I must say I have enjoyed watching her grow from the pregnancy announcement to this birthday. Time surely flies.