Friday, September 12, 2014

Charlotte- 10 Months!

All 9 month clothing.  Most bottoms are either getting to short in length, or too snug if they are shorts (girlfriend has some junk in the trunk ;) ).  Size 3 diapers

The last week or so, she has been working on a top tooth.  Man, this thing is hurting her.  She is either fussy or super clingy.  We got out the teething gel and tylenol for this one.  Hopefully it comes in soon.  Other than that, still dealing with the eczema.  Although, we've noticed a huge improvement this month.  Hopefully this is a sign it is going away for good!

Charlie started a spoon/puree strike this month.  She only wants to feed herself.  She has loved about every single thing we've given her.  We found out that she does in fact like proteins, just in finger food form.  We found this out by giving her tilapia that was in our fish tacos, while out a restaurant.  We were shocked to see she loved it.  We are doing 2 bottles a day (one morning and one at night) and the rest sippy cups.  She gets 2 snack times (usually puffs, yogurt bites, teething wafer, etc.) and 3 meals (morning is usually lightest as she is not as hungry, lunch of fruit or vegetable, and dinner of protein and fruit/veggie).

I'm glad to report that it is the same thing here!  So thankful that teething has not disrupted her sleep.  One new addition is her puppy which goes to sleep with her.  As soon as she sees it, she says "ruff."

This month Charlie was an extremely happy baby.  We have dealt with the whining from the teeth the past week, but other than that, this was a great month!

Baby Gear
Puppy, books, flashcards, Pop up toy, VTech walker

Music/dancing, eating, babbling, water, toys that make noise, stuffed animals, walking around things

Being frustrated (for example, she has learned to put things inside of other things and if she can't get it in, she cries), boredom

This month was a busy one for our Charlie girl.  She is learning to interact with her toys and people a lot more.  She knows what "inside" means and will stack smaller boxes in larger boxes.  She is also starting to try and say a lot more words (although we have no idea what she is saying) rather than just saying "mama" or "dada."  She has taken a couple more steps by herself and we know that walking is right on the horizon.  We also know that she is starting to comprehend what we say because she will listen sometimes when we say the word no.  Some times she is rotten and keeps on doing it!

Other Thoughts
Charlie, this may have been my favorite month.  You were so incredibly enjoyable every day.  I can't believe of how much stuff you are working on at once!  From your eating, to talking and walking, you are just changing by the second.  We have taken you to the zoo a couple times and checked out the aquarium.  You were so great at each place and just love to be in the backpack carrier.  We have also started taking your walker outside to see how far you are able to walk.  You've made it completely around our cul-de-sac.  However, we always have to carry you home.  You are just adorable pushing that little walker down the sidewalk.  You make us so proud every day.  We are looking forward to what the next month will bring!


Jordon said...

she is a true beauty queen!!! Btw love the new blog name!!

Erin LFF said...

What a sweetie!! These pictures are all SO cute!! :) My niece is in that 'fun' phase of when my sister says no she thinks its funny so she keeps doing whatever it is she isn't supposed to- lol!

Erin @ Happily Obsessed said...

Oh Charlie you are getting so darn big so darn fast!!! I am sad our babies aren't "babies" anymore but they are getting so fun aren't they?!

Ms. Emily Ann said...

She is just precious! And looks like the happiest baby every! So sweet!

Becky said...

All these pictures are too cute - she looks like she has such a great personality! :)

Anne said...

She looks soooo grown up! Especially sitting on the edge of the chair like that. She needs to give Hendrik some tips on the sippy cups (not going so well, and we're a month away from when the pediatrician said we should be weaned from bottles, whoops), and I can't wait to hear more about cutie pie when we catch up next week!

p.s. Hendrik's eczema just sort of went away a month or so ago... hopefully that just happens for you too.

Pegster said...

Happy 10 months Charlie, how are you about to be a year old? weren't your just born yesterday?

Shelley said...

these pictures are soo adorable. she looks like she just has SO much personality :)

Faith said...

I cannot believe she is 10 months old! How is this possible?! And she is just gorgeous!

Pegster said...

Happy 10th month to your sweet girl, her personality is definitely shining through. We can tell she is having fun with the shoot too :).

Isn't so fun how each month is better than the last?