Thursday, August 14, 2014

Charlotte- 9 Months!

All 9 month clothing.  Although, pjs are starting to fit pretty snug!

The last month marked the addition of TWO (first) new teeth!  This also coincided with hanging out with the neighbor kids on the 4th of July.  We are not sure if it was her first cold or if it was related to teething, but for about 4 days, Charlie had a runny nose.  It went away and didn't seem to affect her other than that symptom.  We kinda think it was teething related but thankful it was not long duration or hard on Charlie.  We still deal with eczema on her cheeks and behind her knees.  Hoping this is slowly go away soon!

We eliminated 2 whole bottles this month, yay!  She is still having the same amount of milk throughout the day, just in sippy cups.  This took about a week for the transition to be a success.  We still do 3 "meals" a day of baby food and 2 snack times with finger foods.  Hoping to phase out the purees this month and go all finger foods next month.  Vegetables continue to be Charlie's favorite and all proteins are her least favorite.

Same old same old here.  We were worried about vacation with her schedule not being exactly normal and not sleeping in her crib.  But, she slept like normal!  She's usually asleep by 7:30pm and we get her up at 7:30am.

This month she dropped her evening cat nap...except when we were on vacation.  She decided that week that she needed the extra sleep.  Once we got home, it was back to normal and she's up from 3:00-6:40. This is such a fun stretch for it allows Derek and I to go on long walks with her, run errands, go out to eat, zoo, etc. without worrying about naps!

This girl knows how to whine like the best of them ;).  Basically, this is the only way she knows how to talk to us...cry/whine when wanting to be picked up, cry/whine when she wants something but cannot reach it, you get the idea.  However, I have to say that most of the time she is absolutely great!  We did have to take her out of the restaurant twice while on vacation.  Usually, she is the best baby out in restaurants.  However, she started this yelling thing.  Derek and I didn't know how to handle it.  I think it was all the attention she was getting and also still needing her evening cat nap.  Whatever the case, she is back to being a great little eater-outer.

Baby Gear
Flashcards, puzzles, anything that makes noises, and again anything that's not "baby gear"

Music/dancing, walking around things, standing, water bottles, drinking water, being tossed in the air/held upside down, walks, being outside

When I walk into the room and do not immediately go to her and pick her up, being spoon fed (likes to feed herself), sleeping in a room with any light (we had to put the pack n' play in the bathroom on vacation!)

This month brought on the teeth (finally!).  And two at a time.  Charlie started crawling so much faster this month, going up the stairs faster (hello baby gate), walking around things with ease, standing by herself, and even taking a few steps!  She can now stand all by herself starting from a position on the ground (instead of pulling herself up with assistance and letting go).  Starting on vacation, she would take one step all by herself and then fall.  We know it won't be long until this little girl is running around by herself.

Charlie has also started talking up a storm.  She can say mama, dada, ruff, and cat.  Our walks usually involve me saying "Charlie, what does a dog say" and she will say "ruff", "Charlie, can you say mama" and she will then repeat "mama."  You get the idea.  It is so fun to have her repeat us!

Other Thoughts
Charlie, your dad and I have enjoyed you so much this month.  You were a great little traveler.  We love taking you places and especially out to eat.  You are the perfect little travel companion.  We had the best time with you at the ocean.  We love seeing you grow each and every day.  It is so much fun that you are starting to interact with us more and more.  We are looking forward to what the next month will bring!


brittany @ g squared said...

Awwww Chuck ;) If it is possible, she is getting cuter and cuter.

Becky said...

I agree with Brittany, somehow she just keeps cuter!!! :) I can't believe she's already 9 months - I feel like you were just talking about being pregnant!

Anne said...

Ah, she's such a sweetie! I love all the little facial expressions.

And we're overdue for a mom chat, clearly! Not much success here with the sippy cup transition so far, so we need tips. And we were wondering about runny nose as part of teething too as Hendrik had some of that... Been having to buy new pjs as well!

Helene in Between said...

she's just beyond cute. seriously, a baby model! and yay for teeth- too sweet!

Erin @ Happily Obsessed said...

Yay for dropping two bottles...I have a feeling Maverick will be okay with this but I think our bedtime bottle dropping will be the worst. That kid sure does get excited to see his "baba" LOL

I can't wait for Mav to talk more...Right now it's just babababababa...I am so over the baba!

dave and jenn said...

So sweet! I loved that age. Nine months to about 18 months is just the sweetest, and then they start to talk back. :) Ha. I think she looks like Derek!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

She is soooo cute! I can't stand it! :)
Yay for taking some lil steps - you'll be chasing after her in no time. She seems like a smart little gal!

Ericka said...

She is so cute!! And getting so big :)

Pegster said...

Happy 9 months Charlie, I can hardly believe that we are getting this close to your 1st birthday. INSANE.