Thursday, July 31, 2014

In Memory of Our Brutie Man

As I write this, I literally cannot find the words.  I have been paralyzed every single time I come to write this tribute.  I mean, look around, this entire blog IS Brutus.  I feel like I'm unable to express how thankful we were to have Brutus in our lives and now heartbroken because he is gone and we were unable to say goodbye.  I'm going to miss everything about him and our routines.  But most importantly, I'm sad Charlie will not get to grow up with him.  We know he would have been the most perfect big brother.

Brutus, you came into our lives at the most perfect time.  You completed our family by making it a family of three.  We had absolutely no idea what we were getting ourselves into when picking you up on Valentine's Day weekend.  I always knew I wanted a yorkie, and Brutus, there could have not been a better pick than you.

Derek and I always talk about the first night leaving you.  We went to watch a UFC fight at BWW's and had to leave early because we missed you so much.  That is the only fight we've ever left early.  Between learning how to give you independence and discipline, we owe all our parenting learnings to you.

One thing we learned quickly was your love for running.  You were absolutely amazing to watch.  Derek was upset from the very beginning that such a little dog could beat him.  He even put on his cleats and we had an official race.  You won every single time.

One of the things people noticed and commented about you was your stance.  You were the most proud dog anybody has ever seen.  In fact, anybody that got to know you, fell in love with you.  Both of your grandparents ended up getting a yorkie because of you.

We loved that you were the perfect dog for us.  Mr. Cuddly with me and oh-so-playful with Derek.  Exactly what we both wanted out of a dog.  You were the best and always wanted to please us.  You'll never know how much love and joy you brought into our lives.  We were so incredibly lucky to have you in our family for the last 4 1/2 years.  You will be missed more than you will ever know.  We love you!