Friday, July 11, 2014

Charlotte- 8 Months!

Still in 6-12/ 6-9 / 9 month (pjs)

Pretty much the same here this month too.  All in all, really healthy, thank goodness!  We still deal with the eczema on the face.  However, it never bothers her.  It really seems to be triggered by certain foods.

We had our first big scare with an allergic reaction to eggs.  I'll definitely be taking the advice of the pediatrician of when to reintroduce eggs.

4 bottles/day and 3 solid food meals.  This month she had weeks where she ate like a champ, and others where she did not want any solid foods.  She has worked a lot on feeding herself with the puffs.  She is great at pinching, just sometimes misses her mouth.  It's pretty cute to see her little hands trying to do this!  She also mastered the sippy cup this month.  We will be working on eliminating at least one bottle next month, eek!

Still on the same schedule this month of 3 naps and sleeping 12-12.5 hours.  She is showing signs of eliminating her final nap which is fine by us.  We are looking forward to having a longer stretch with her in the afternoons to run errands/go to the park, etc!

This month she was a super happy girl!  There were weeks of whining when I would leave the room.  It seemed like whenever she spent a good amount of time with Derek, the whining would not be as prevalent because she would be happy just hanging out with her Dad!

Baby Gear
Everything NOT baby related...remote control, cell phone, Brutus' toys, Brutus' water dishes, etc

Music, standing, walking around things, being held/close to people, walks

Being in the room by "herself" (aka if I walk away even a little bit, she will start to get noisy!)

Things were pretty constant this month including schedule and growth.  However, Charlie is on the move and not stopping!  She started going up the stairs (hello baby gate) and wants to stand/walk around things all the time.  She is interested in every thing she is not supposed to have.  She has also started saying words including, Mama, up, and bub.  Of course, these aren't directed at anything in particular but it makes my heart happy hearing mamamama come out of her mouth!  Waving and clapping are also something she is doing all the time (hence all the blurry pictures)!

Other Thoughts
Charlie, you are so much fun to be around.  You seriously crack me up.  Your Dad and I love spending time with you.  You discover new things to do each day.  You love to pull yourself up on about anything and everything.  You have routinely crawled over to the entertainment stand, pulled yourself up, and decided to turn up the volume on the receiver.  One of us has to grab the remote and turn it down in between you turning the knob so we don't get blown out with noise.  We absolutely love taking you places.  You are so good at restaurants.  We make sure to have plenty of food as it keeps you the most entertained.  Our most favorite thing this month was seeing you play with Brutus.  You would grab one of his toys and you guys would play tug of war.  If he would "win", and start running away, you would start to chase him.  We've tried to warn you that there is no way you will catch him :)  We are looking forward to what the next month will bring!


Jen said...

Such a cutie and she is getting so big! This is such a fun age, of course I think every age seems to get more fun when it came to my niece and nephew. And what is it with babies and dog dishes...ha! Hope you have a great weekend :)

Anne said...

Such a fun month, right? Although the love of "not toys," while amusing, is getting a teensy bit old sometimes... Can't wait to get these two together again - they're going to love it now that they're getting so grown up and active!

jamiedawn said...


Kait said...

I want to take 3 naps per day!!!

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

She is adorable! In the last picture, she totally looks like you :) How long did you nurse her before you guys moved onto bottles? (I'm making an assumption here - you may well be giving her breastmilk)

Erin LFF said...

Such a freakin' doll!!!! :)

Kate said...

Buy Charlie a Munchi Mug for her puffs! It's the best thing ever!!! And it's worth its price tag, swear!

Becca Moss said...

Katie! She is so freakin' cute!!!!

Kayla MKOY said...

She is just the cutest!!!! :) happy 8 months, Charlotte!

Faith said...

You can tell by the pictures that she is the sweetest ... the way she smiles you just can't help but smile too!