Friday, June 13, 2014

Charlotte- 7 Months!


We still have some outfits in 6 months, but we are mostly in 9 month clothing.


We are still dealing with the eczema.  However, the spots behind her legs are completely gone.  The spots on her cheeks (especially her right one) are still around.  We love the new soap and lotion we got and I have started putting the lotion on her face (rather than the aquaphor).  This helped tremendously and I can keep the bumps/redness to a minimum with this method.   

This was the first exclusive month of formula....relief for this mama!!  I had to actually pump throughout the month randomly.  I guess my body had a hard time of quitting it's job.  I'm happy to report the freedom from the pump has been one of the best things ever.  And I'm not joking.  I'm happy that I was able to breastfed for 6 months, but even more happier to be done.

Charlie has 4 bottles/day and gets solid foods 3 times/day.  We switch the veggies and fruits every day.  We have transitioned into stage 2 and 3 foods with adding proteins this month.  She really is a veggie girl!

When we take her out to restaurants, we always give her little pieces of what we are eating.  She always gives the worst faces but then eventually eats it, ha!  And oh my does this girl love her water.  Every time that I take a drink, she'll reach out for my glass with her mouth open.  We have started giving her water in the sippy cup when we feed her solid foods, and she loves drinking the water out of her cup.


Honestly, another great month of sleep.  No complaints here.  We are still on the same schedule as last month.  3 naps/day up at 7:30am and down by 7:30pm.


This month we experienced a couple of weeks of whining.  We figured out that all she wanted was company.  As soon as we would sit down on the floor with her, she would stop.  Also, for about a week, all she wanted was her mommy.  She would be playing all by herself and the second she would spot me (if I was walking in the room) she would start "crying" until I would pick her up.  Of course I couldn’t resist this little baby girl crawling over to me and wanting my attention.  Thankfully, this has mostly stopped!  Otherwise, she is one happy girl and is constantly talking, laughing, and smiling.

Baby Gear
Eric Carle bug, Tiny Love Super Mat, Sophie the Giraffe, stuffed animals, books, really any “non-baby” toy or anything she isn’t supposed to have


Music, standing, crawling, water, going after Brutus/his toys/his food dishes, being held

Lately, she has been less patient with getting her diaper changed.  She doesn't mind it at all, but she just wants to move!


This month was crazy as far as milestones go.  I swear, in a two week span, she went from doing nothing besides rolling to doing everything!  She started crawling (and getting fast), going from a laying position to a sitting position, standing up, and pulling herself up.  We had to lower her crib down two spots because she would be pulling herself up every chance she could get.  She's gotten a couple of bruises because of this. 

She has also allowed herself to sit in one position to play.  Before, she was too busy moving everywhere.  I love seeing her sit like a big girl!  I feel like she lost a big chunk of that "baby-ness" after being able to sit (awwww!). 

She also learned to click her tongue.  We went a whole week and a half of having convos in tongue clicks.  She now as moved on and will babble about anything.  She can also recognize her name when we say it.


Other Thoughts
Charlie, we are amazed with how much you have changed this month!!  Your Dad and I both agree this was our favorite month thus far.  You were a joy every single day.  We could not wait to see what new things you would accomplish the next day.  You were extremely clingy this month, and to be honest, we ate every single second up.  We love that you are independent and so we cannot get enough of your attention.  You experienced your first falls and bruises this month (unfortunately!).  You really do milk it for all it's worth.  If it is a bad fall, we will scoop you up and try to calm you down.  After you stop crying you will look at us and then start up again even though we know your cry is fake.  We can't help to laugh when we know you are ok.  Daddy  is good at giving tough love when he knows you are ok.  That is exactly what Daddy's are for because we all know that I comfort you any time you are upset.  You gave us some great giggles this month and we tried to get you to laugh any chance we could get.  We love you so much and are looking forward to what the next month will bring!



Jordon said...

How has it already been 7 months?!

Jamie Kulik said...

she's adorable!

Helene in Between said...

that smile!! cannot believe it's been 7 months!

Jennifer Shelton said...

She is adorable! Such a great post!

Becky said...

I mean that second picture!!! :) Happy 7 months little one!!

Emily Beth said...

Getting so big! Glad she (and you!) are getting some good sleep!

Kayla MKOY said...

What an adorable little gal!! I feel like I say that every time, but its just SO true and she has the cutest little smile. :) what a fun month to celebrate!

Pegster said...

Happy 7 months Charlie. So many amazing milestone. She seems like such a happy baby with that smile. Pulling up already, that's amazing; watch out, you are gearing yourself for an early walker.

Erin @ Happily Obsessed said...

Oh Charlie you are just the cutest!!! So glad the eczema is under control!!

Erin LFF said...

Such a smiley, happy girl!!! :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Look at her smile...they do grow up so fast!! Glad you are enjoying every single month!

Kristin said...

Wow time flies! What a big little girl!

Allison said...

She is so sweet. I'm so glad this month was such an enjoyable one for your cute little family!

Faith said...

She is so adorable! That smile of hers, so cute!

My niece loves water too so my sister puts it in her sippy cup as well.

In 9 month clothing already?! How is it possible that time is flying so quickly?