Thursday, May 8, 2014

Charlotte- 6 Months!


6-9 month clothing mostly.  We have a few things from baby gap that is 6-12, and while they fit, they are a little big.  Cannot wait to put her in bathing suits this month!!


Can't complain about much here.  We are still dealing with some skin "issues."  I feel like she might have a minor case of eczema, unfortunately.  She had a spot underneath the back of knee and then sometimes on her face/cheek.  I first thought it was an allergic reaction to the baby food, but after stopping all food and reintroducing the veggies/fruits one at a time again, we discovered it definitely wasn't the food.  I've since changed the laundry detergent and soap/lotion (not that we think this is the reason either).  I'm just trying to eliminate all possible triggers.  Some days she will wake up completely fine....other days, she will have some red/dry patches.  Who knows!  She doesn't seem to be bothered by it all all which is great.


I officially gave up the pump on her 6 month birthday.  I had been gradually eliminating my pumps throughout the day over a 4 week period.  To say I was relieved and excited would be an understatement.  Derek and I celebrated that night with one of our good bottles of wine!  She is still on Similac Supplementation and has 4 bottles a day.  She has tried about every fruit and veggie possible.  As I mentioned, in the Easter post, she is a complete champ at eating her solid foods now.  She loves about everything except peas.  She has about 1.5 ounces of fruits/veggies 3 times a day.


We (including Chuck) absolutely love this schedule that she is currently on!  She takes 3 naps, usually around 9:15, 1:15, and 5:15.  We start her bedtime routine around  6:40 on bath nights and 6:50 on the other nights.  She is asleep by 7:15/7:30 and sleeps until we wake her at 7:30am. 


She discovered her "voice" this month...which included yelling and/or screaming.  I'll look right at her afterwards and she will give me the biggest smile.  She thinks it is hilarious obviously.  My poor head did not agree.  That lasted only a couple of days thankfully!

Baby Gear
Eric Carle bug, Sophia the Giraffe (finally), Sassy Look Book, any new toy


Music, being held, mommy making silly noises, standing, rolling around and moving any way she can

Wind and her pacifier (I forgot to mention that she stop taking her pacifier around 4 1/2 months) 


This girl loves to be on the move!  She has started putting herself up on all fours, will rock back and forth, and then lunge forward.  She also has the army crawl down by pulling herself forward with one arm.  She is everywhere!!  She especially loves to go after Brutus and his toys.  When she gets close, Brutus will get up and move and she will look back at me like, "hey, where did he go?!"  She can sit up great with some support, but really shows no interest in doing it by herself!  Unless I'm doing something in front of her like dumping blocks and putting them back in the container, she doesn't like to sit.  She will roll down on her stomach and start moving around.  We have come to terms that we have a busy little girl on our hands.  Another milestone was staying home with the grandparents while Derek and I went to Nashville for the weekend.


Other Thoughts
Charlie, this has been the most fun month yet!  You've always been the most smiley little girl, but we started getting the giggles this month.  Also, I don't have to blow raspberries or make silly noises; I can just look at you, and you will give me the biggest smile. 
I have really enjoyed taking you places this month.  For the most part, you are so good with entertaining yourself.  On one of those not so good occasions, we took you to Texas Roadhouse and you were everywhere!  We had to keep switching back and forth with you because you wanted to touch everything.  That evening you tried mashed potatoes and water for the first time.  Your faces were priceless. 
I cannot wait to get you up in the mornings and see the big smile you give me when I walk into your room.  That excitement is the last thought that pops in my head before going to sleep.  You have also started giving us "kisses" which I think are the sweetest thing.  I will give you a big kiss and then ask for one back. You have no idea what is going on, but you get the notion of putting your lips to our cheeks and waiting a second.  I love it!  We are looking forward to what the next month will bring!


Jen said...

Your little girl is sooo sweet! My daughter just started the shrieking/screaming a few weeks ago but it's lasting.. and lasting.. and lasting. lol. She smiles big when I look at her, also! Silly girls. Have a great weekend! :)

Jamie @ You Gotta Have Hart said...

That little nose! How you ever get anything done is beyond me. When you mentioned her little dry skin patches I remember an old remedy that I've heard of before but it isn't all coming to me-- if it does, I'll email you. I'm sure you've done your fair share of research. I hope it clears up soon!

Kate said...

Her schedule sounds so similar to how Trace's was at 6 months old. It's heaven, huh? Almost time to drop that 3rd nap... I bet she'll do wonderfully going down to 2 naps. Katie, she's gorgeous! I love reading these posts :)

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

Gah - she is so cute!!

Maverick has a spot on each arm of eczema that are the same way. Some days they are fine other days its dry and red. I bought some Aveeno baby eczema lotion and just apply it on those spots daily and they have stayed away ever since I started using it!

Margaret said...

Oh my gosh!! I just love her. She's so adorable!! And baby smiles and giggles are the best :)

Jordon said...

GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS, GORGEOUS! What about that awesome sleep schedule, that's amazing!

Anne said...

OMG her sleep schedule!!! I appreciate that Henk sleeps through the night but am still insanely jealous. Naps around here are iffy, and night sleep is more like 9:30-6:30, 7 if I'm lucky. We did that voice-finding recently too... he's loud, it turns out!

Erin LFF said...

Such a sweet little face!!! So glad she is just a happy smiley baby and you all are doing awesome :) Cannot believe she is 6 months old already!

Ericka said...

I love her facial expressions! And those rolls on her legs are so adorable :)

Mrs. Pancakes said...

the final picture is beyond adorable..she is growing so fast!!

Ashley R said...

Wow, time flies! I love that she is smiling and giggling. SO sweet. :)

Unknown said...

Hi Katie! I've never commented on your blog before, but we were also dealing with what we thought was eczema with our now 7 month old as well. We would notice it on his elbows mostly, and then some days on his legs too. It didn't seem to bother him, but it was starting to worry me. I talked to my good friend who is a chiropractor, and she recommended giving him fish oil every day. I was a little skeptical at first, but told my husband we would try it for a month and see what happened. Apparently, it is the only thing out there that can treat skin problems like eczema from the inside out. Well, we are hooked! I wish I would have taken before and after pictures. After one week of using it everyday, his skin is completely clear -- seriously. The brand we use is Nordic Naturals Infant DHA Fish Oil. You can find it on Amazon, or other health co-ops. You just give a dosage based on your baby's weight, and store in the fridge. The smell is horrible, but the results are MORE than worth it! Hope things clear up for her! She is beautiful!