Monday, May 19, 2014

A Day in the Life

I have read a few other “a day in the life” posts, and I think they are so cute!  Instead of doing a typical day of my life (boring), I thought I would do one from Charlotte’s perspective.

Ribbet collage

6:35am- Angelcare monitor goes off so I pick up the video monitor and look to see that she is on the edge of the crib.  I know if I don’t reposition her, the Angelcare will keep going off and wake her up.  So, I go in a put her in the middle of the crib.  She wakes up and gives me a big smile.  I can hear her talking/babbling when I get back into bed.

6:45am- Whew, she is back asleep!

7:15am- Alarm goes off.  I go and put her bottle in the warmer and come back upstairs to put in a load of laundry.

7:28am- Laundry takes a little longer than I thought and I am running a little behind.  Time to go in and wake up my little girl…something I look forward to every single morning!  She gives me a smile and talks a little bit.

7:35am- After changing her, it is finally time for breakfast, yum!

7:45am- No time for cuddling after the bottle….Charlotte has way too many things to do and people to see.  I set her down on her mat and show her all the new pictures in her sassy photo album.

7:50am- Change her out of her sleeping sack and put her in an outfit for the day.  Ohio State tunic is the choice for today.

8:30am- Time for her snack!  This morning I choose Pears & Pineapples.  She gobbles it all down.

8:40am- Playing and jumping in her jumparoo.

9:05am- She lets me know it is time for bed, even though it is a bit earlier than normal.

Ribbet collage2

10:55am- Time to wake up the sleeping beauty!  After I put the bottle in the warmer, I go get Charlie and change her diaper.

11:00am- Lunch time!

11:15am- I’m taking Charlie to the grocery store today.  I need to let Brutus outside, grab her new cart cover and a jacket, load up a few of her toys, and get her all geared up in her car seat.

11:30am- After putting Brutus up, we head towards the grocery store.

12:15pm- Text a picture to her dad showing how big of girl she is sitting up in the cart.  We got so many compliments on her Ohio State attire.  As we are dashing out, it starts raining.  I internally start panicking when a Kroger employee, who was out getting carts, offered me their store umbrella.  Thank goodness!

12:20pm- Load Charlie and the groceries and we are off to back home

12:30pm- After pulling in the garage and getting Charlie inside, I let Brutus out of his crate and give him a treat.  I set Charlie in her high chair for her snack.  This time it’s mixed vegetables.

12:45pm- She is discovering the kitchen (including the huge bag of birdseed) while I unload and put away groceries.

1:15pm- I take Charlie upstairs to keep me company while I fold laundry and put a new load in the washer.

1:30pm- Time for a nap (and momma to eat)!

Ribbet collage3

2:55pm- Wake Charlie up and change her diaper before her bottle

3:00pm- Afternoon meal time

3:15pm- Chasing Charlie around…everywhere!

4:00pm- Dinner time snack…it’s pears & pineapple again.  She’s not really into eating and rather more into playing with the food

4:15pm- I need to start getting our dinner ready, so I turn her high-chair around while I prep in the kitche
4:30pm- Time to take Charlie in a different room to play…seems like she is getting bored of this room!  I capture her first “real” crawl on video and send to Derek, yay!

5:30pm- Time to go down for a quick cat-nap

Ribbet collage4

6:15pm- Wake Charlie up.  It’s time for our usual music jam session/practicing sitting up (all the while making funny faces)

6:40pm- Bath time and Daddy is home to help!  I sing Charlie the “bath time” song and she gets excited!

7:00pm- Last bottle in her mouth

7:15pm- Goodnight sweet girl


brittany @ g squared said...

So cute! You will have to let me know how you like the Angel Care monitor. Not sure if I want to go that route yet.

Jill @ Bluegrass Belle said...

I love this post! She's such a little doll.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Awww this was a sweet post..she is a busy little girl!!

Faith said...

This is such a cute post! I am so nosey and enjoy these type of posts, lol.

Kayla MKOY said...

Haha what an adorable twist on this post :) I love it!! She's so cute!!!

Ericka said...

So cute! Charlie has quite the busy day :)

Anne said...

Busy little lady! This was so fun to read, except I need to not know about her sleeping habits :) Seriously, so great! I never ever have to wake Henk up...he's been waking before 7 in the mornings, and his naps are usually half an hour. Not that I don't want to spend time with him, but seriously, momma needs a little more free time some days.

Can't believe Charlie is crawling already!

And we just started with the shopping cart seat too - I'm thrilled to not carry the car seat in, and Henk seems pretty darn pleased with his big-boy self too.

Jamie @ You Gotta Have Hart said...

What a busy little bee! I wish that I could take naps like that-- I would be such a nicer person, lol :)

Allison said...

So sweet. I loved reading this. :) Love that picture of her little toes in the bath. Awww.

Pegster said...

I really love the day in a life posts, I like seeing how other people manage their days. You have an awesome schedule going there, keep it up.

brittany @ g squared said...

I am restocking your post, to compare the girls at this age haha. Can not believe she crawled! Norah has no interest in being mobile. She could care less. And still hates tummy time, even though she can roll and support herself totally fine. I think she is a lazy girl lol. See you tomorrow!