Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What We’re Loving

I thought I would share a few things that Charlotte and I are loving lately….
One: Security blanket with doll- This is Charlotte’s first little dolly and she loves it.  She reaches for it now and will just stare at it.  Too cute!  And it gets me so excited to think about all the barbies and dolls to come in our future!

Two: House of Cards Season Two- So, so, SO sad this season is over for us.  This was hands down THE best season ever of series on Netflix.  We could not stop watching it #bingewatching

Three: A+D- Only a diaper rash prevention cream would be on a new mommy’s what I’m loving post.  Luckily we have been good to go in the diaper rash department; however, little Charlie had a yeast infection.  This cream may smell like the elderly (seriously, our hospitals use this stuff for prevention of bed sores), but it is the bomb!

Four: L’Oreal Voluminous mascara- After hearing about this from Nancy J, I was super excited to try it.  You see, I’m a pretty big mascara snob.  I have never found a drugstore mascara that I remotely liked.  However, I have to say that I’m super surprised with how much I love this stuff.  Definitely will be my every day go to!

Five: Samoas- So, this isn’t an official what I’m loving right-now-kind-of-a-thing because we do not have any YET.  But the girl scouts will be at our local grocery store starting Monday.  And you better believe I’ll be there buying every a box they have a box or two of Samoas!

Six: Rockabye Baby! Journey- We quite frequently listen to the Baby Einstein Pandora station in our house.  Music time happens every single night from 6:30-7:15 so this station helps us switch it up a bit.  Anyway, when a song from Rockabye Baby! Aerosmith came on the station, I immediately googled the brand.  Turns out there are all sorts of bands.  I bought the Michael Jackson CD which is pretty good.  BUT, the Journey one is amazing.  And how cool is it that Charlotte will be able to recognize Journey songs when she is a couple years old :)

Seven: Lavender Vanilla Sugar Scrub from B&BW- Confession, I’ve never exfoliated before.  I KNOW, how is this possible?!  Anyway, I feel in love with this line when I bought the bubble bath.  I thought it could be a good idea to try the sugar scrub and now I’m hooked.  I can already see so many benefits from exfoliation!

Eight: Quack Quack- Lastly, we have been reading a ton around here these days. Charlotte loves when we read to her.  I’ve been loving this book and I think it will be even better once she gets older to feel the different textures throughout the book.


Jordon said...

Yay! So glad you love the Mascara. I took your lead and bought the Better Than Sex mascara too! haha

Everyone is raving about House of Cards, I think we need to get on the bandwagon!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

WE LOVE Rockabye Baby!!! I bought the Def Leppard CD and a dual set with multiple artists on them. I keep one in the car and the others at home. I have found myself driving to work after dropping him off at daycare and I am still listening to it. Hahahaha!!

Ashley said...

Mmmm girl scout cookies are the best! I plan on picking up some Tagalongs!

Becky said...

I will have to check out the L’Oreal Voluminous mascara!! I'm in need of a new kind! I can't wait for Thin Mins yum! I could easily eat a sleeve all at once haha.

Jenna Griffin said...

Mmmm, Somoas are my favorite! I had to turn them down this year because I knew I'd just eat the whole box in one sitting. ;)

Faith said...

I finished House of Cards! OMG! I can't get over how crazy amazing that show is. I don't think I can wait for Season 3 ... I just want it to air tomorrow, lol.

Allison said...

Ok I think I need to get on the House of Cards bandwagon. My brother was just telling me about it...I assumed from the title it was about Poker and wasn't interested. Haha.

Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

I took that cutie's advice and bought the mascara too. I am super impressed with it. Dying to watch house of cards. I hear it's sooooo good. We just finished watching all The a breaking Bad series. We did a little binge watching of our own with that one. #noshame

Kristen said...

Can not WAIT to get some girl scout cookies myself. ;)

Kristin said...

I need to try that mascara!!