Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Charlotte- 3 Months!


Everything is 3 Months and fits perfectly.  We will probably have to get out the next size up soon for pjs…it will be crazy to put away all those tiny clothes!

So far so good.  Her right eye is still watery.  We are hoping this will stop eventually.  Also, she started talking so much more this month.  In fact, one day she made herself go hoarse!  It was the saddest thing to hear her little voice so scratchy.  Thank goodness that cleared up in a day.  Also, Charlie is officially a spitter-upper.  We keep a bib on during  her awake-time to try and salvage outfits.  She doesn’t seem bothered at all by it.

We have been exclusively bottle feeding since 10 weeks (with an occasional breast feed here and there).  She seems to be much happier with the bottle!  She gets her full meal and then she is good to go until the next feeding 3 hours later.  It is a lot more work for me with pumping, bottles, emptying the dishwasher a couple times every day, etc.  However, I’m totally committed if it makes Charlie a happier baby.  She takes about 5 ounces every 3 hours and her last bottle at night has around 6.  We continue to use the formula anytime we need a little extra in her bottles. 

As I mentioned last month, the first week of “month 3” was very rough.  She was completely off her schedule.  However, after that week, she jumped right back on her sleeping routine.  We started bath time/bed time about an hour earlier this month and she could not love it more!  We also dropped the swaddle and moved from the rock n’play to her crib at 11 weeks.  Derek and I were terrified that it would cause her to wake up in the middle of night for a couple nights, but she surprised the heck of us!  She slept through the night the first night without it!  She was definitely telling us that she was ready to be out of that swaddle…you could just tell she wasn’t comfortable anymore.  Now she falls sleep anywhere from 9:00-9:15 and then I wake her up at 7:30.

We are so thankful for our happy little girl!  As I mentioned previously, she is a vocal little thing and I swear she loves to hear herself yell. 

Baby Gear
The play mat was a huge hit this month.  Also, we listen to our Baby Einstein CDs every single night about 30 minutes before bath time.  Charlie loves her music/play time! 

Music (LOVES music!), being held, laying on her stomach, bath time, people singing to her, dancing with her dad, diaper changes

Being hot…she is such a temperature sensitive little girl

Baby girl, Sweet Pea, Charlie, Chuck, Chuckles, Chuckleberryfin

This month was filled with smiles.  We also got a solid routine down this month.  We know to sit her up for about 15 minutes after eating, then it is play time on her back for 45 minutes.  She usually lets us know by fussing or yawning that it is time for a nap.  We pick her up, but in a pacifier, and she is out usually within 5 minutes.  Switching to the crib and dropping the swaddle was also a huge milestone!  I am so proud of her for sleeping in her crib no problems! 

Other Thoughts
This month Charlie grew and changed so much.  This was the last month I got to spend with Charlie before heading back to work.  I am incredibly thankful for the time I got to spend with my little girl.  She was so much fun to hang out with during the day.  AND so much more predictable.  We enjoy each and every smile we receive from her.  She is also the most expressive baby I’ve ever seen.  We just stare at her all the time and laugh from the faces she makes.  We cannot wait to see what the next month brings!


Audra said...

She is such a pretty girl!!! And congrats on getting so much sleep - it is life changing when you get it again!

Kristen said...

Chuckleberryfinn - make me chuckle. ;)

SO glad she's gotten into a routine again. Happy for you too! She's really looking like you Katie!

Becky said...

Haha love Chuckleberryfinn!!

She looks so sweet!! I'm glad she's had a good month :)

Jordon said...

She is SO gorgeous! Love getting to see some photos and updates!!!

Margaret said...

She's beautiful!! Love Chuckles! haha!

Ericka said...

So adorable! I love those chubby little cheeks!!

Faith said...

The nickname Charlie is perfection. Love it so much!

And seriously, she is soooo cute! Can't get over those adorable cheeks.

TOI said...

I love her smile so much. She is doing wonderful with her sleep pattern

Lauren said...

She's just precious love her cheeks! :-)

Erin LFF said...

She is just perfect! :) So glad to hear you've got such a happy, healthy baby! What a blessing! And Chuckleberryfin is the best thing ever !!!

Anne said...

Cutie! Isn't the talking the best?! My favorite development from the month.

Also we need to learn from you on the sleep! Just stopped swaddling this week and he likes to flail a lot... but going well enough. It's that early bedtime we really need to do - he's clearly ready for it, but I'm afraid he'd get up at 4 in the morning if we did. Your schedule sounds divine :)

Pegster said...

Happy 3-month Charlie, gosh she is getting so big and making the cutest faces.

Becca Moss said...

She's perfect, Katie! Absolutely gorgeous!

Megan O. said...

I cannot believe it's been 3 months already! She is absolutely adorable :) It sounds like she is a very happy little girl!

Allison said...

She is just precious Katie! I'm so glad she is such a happy little thing. :)

Erika Lee @ A Tiny Rocket said...

What a doll! I totally pumped and gave her the bottle with my daughter too because she could eat faster and it seemed like with nursing it took her a long time.