Tuesday, October 8, 2013

Oh Baby!

Get ready for an entire post devoted to all things baby.  Seriously, this is all that has been going on in my life lately!  Just to catch you guys up, I’ll be 36 weeks this week.  In fact it's exactly one month away from our due date today…I’m feeling a bit of heck-ya / yikes, it’s go time!  So as you can imagine, the baby is on the brain every second of my days!

A couple weekends ago, we traveled down to Athens and spent time with Derek’s family.  This is definitely our last road trip before baby girl comes.  Traveling in a car (especially Derek’s car for some reason) is pretty torturous for me.  Saturday night we enjoyed a pre-shower dinner celebration with Derek’s parents.  Sunday was the big shower with Derek’s side of the family.


The theme of the shower was ribbons and buttons…an extension of my gender reveal party.  Basically, it was adorable!!  A lot of the décor that was used was made especially for our daughter’s nursery.  It was so nice and thoughtful to have all these decorations to take home to fill up the nursery!


Bump Collage



Our little girl got her first pair of pink Uggs and to say I was excited would be an understatement!!  Oh ya, and Derek came….how adorable is that?!  He’s such a trooper.  And so helpful to have him there to write down the gifts we received and carry everything out to the car.  The shower was right next to the local pizza place we would always go to after football games in high school.

After the shower when I was getting in the car, Derek surprised me with a large pizza from there.  Seriously best.idea.ever!

A huge thank you to Derek’s family for such a great shower.  Every detail was perfect!!  Plus, now the little girl is set so she can come any time now, ha!

Basically, every week night is filled to the brim.  We are either doing some type of date night (trying to get in as many of these as possible before she comes) or I/we are working on our to-do list.  I have been feeling a major sense of anxiousness of getting everything crossed off of our list.  So, Derek and I sat down and made a priority list and stuck it on the refrigerator.  This made me feel better for for about 2 seconds.  For some reason, Derek doesn’t have the sense of urgency that I do.  On one hand, I keep saying that our little girl is welcome to come early.  On the other hand, there is so much to get done before she gets here!  Eeeek!

Bump Book Preview

I continue to work on my “bump book.”  This is something that I’ve worked on since we found out we were pregnant!  I have included things such as how I told Derek, ultrasounds, weekly bump pictures, thoughts about each trimester, baby showers, decorating the nursery, maternity pictures, etc.  I think it will be a great way for me to remember this pregnancy and look back it!


And lastly, everybody wants an update on Brutus…am I right?  Well, he doing great.  He absolutely knows something is going on…I’m sure he has no idea though!  We have started putting all the little lady’s stuff out in the house so he is able to get used to it…


He is extremely skittish around these things.  He really doesn’t want to check them out and if he has to go around them, he is very unsure.  For example, I set up the pack n’ play the other day and put it in our dining room.  Well, his dishes are in the kitchen right next to the dining room door frame.  He became very frustrated after I poured his food because he wanted to eat but thought the pack n’ play was going to attack him or something.  Once I plopped down beside him, he went to town on his food.  Thank goodness I was there to protect him ; )

That’s about all going on in our lives.  Hope everything is fabulous with you ladies!


Kait said...

You look beautiful as ever mama!

Jamie @ You Gotta Have Hart said...

How funny you posted today.. literally, I was just thinking about you last night. Our great friends JUST had their sweet little girl this weekend and it made me think of you getting to see your little gal! (pics on the blog) I'm getting so excited for you and absolutely loving the decorations that you got at the last baby shower! I know that you are getting into mega nesting mode now and it's important to have everything ready and in place when the little one arrives but don't stress too much-- if everything isn't in perfect place, I PROMISE you will have time to get things just right when she comes. If not, you can just call on family to get you whatever it is you need! Sending hugs and prayers your way!!


Jen said...

You look so great! And I totally love the idea of the Bump Book and may have to steal that idea when I have a little one in the future. And that burlap banner is also so cute and I can totally see that working perfectly for little girl's room!

Katrin said...

I love the "bump book" idea! That's adorable! And you look so beautiful!Can't believe that you'll be 36 weeks! Time flies by!

Kate said...

You look so great -- I wonder if she'll be a little blondie or a brunette?!

Cali is so used to Trace. She hates other kids, but I think that because she's known him since he was born it's just different. She's sits practically on top of me when I feed Trace and I often move his little hand gentley over her back, petting her... Hoping that makes her feel loved by him and she never moves away when he does this. Brutus will be better than you expect!

So nice of your husbands family to throw you that baby shower. Baby Uggs? Oh my word -- that's the cutest ever!!

Courtney said...

That "bump book" is a great idea! I love that Brutus is so scared of the baby things, that is exactly how Willow is going to be when it's her turn someday.

Helene in Between said...

oh your shower was sooo cute!
love the bump book idea!

Megan O. said...

Wow, I can't believe you are only one month away already! Time really has gone so fast. I'm so excited to finally meet baby girl though. Once BabyO comes we seriously need to plan a blate! Love the bump book! Cute idea and great way to keep the memories :) And you are looking awesome!!!

Ashley R said...

That bump book is an amazing idea- I am totally stealing it in the future. :) I can understand why baby girl is on your brain! I love that you are getting in lots of dates. So close!! <3

Chelsea Edwards said...

I love the idea of the bump book! I'll have to remember that when we have kids! It's such a great way for you to remember it and for the kid to see when they're older!

Becky said...

Glad to hear everything is going well! What a sweet shower and your face with those pink ugg boots haha! She's going to rock them :) Our neighbors just had their baby boy this weekend and he is so little and cute!! How funny Brutus is scared of the baby stuff - I bet he will be one protective "big brother" :)

Lauren said...

What a beautiful shower and you look awesome :-)

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

OMG your shower was adorable!!!

I need to start my bump book!!!

Kristin said...

Love the idea of the bump book!! You are almost there girl!!

Bekah said...

Love the idea of putting out little girls things for the pup to get used to them. I for sure think that will help ease the shock when his sister makes her appearance

Pegster said...

Wow 36 weeks, your pregnancy flew by (at least it seems that way to me). I remember when you announced that you were pregnant and before you know it your daughter will be here.

You got so lucky in the baby shower department, everyone hooked you up with a celebration. Pink Uggs, oh yeah, that is my kind of girly stuff. You guys are busy busy for the next few weeks, enjoy. You look amazing by the way.

Anonymous said...

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Kristen said...

First, you look gorgeous! I can not believe you only have 4 more weeks. I'm getting anxious for ya! But just keep doing what you can, and not over do it. It'll all be fine in the end. :)

Second, love the shower theme. So perfect!

Third, I'm pretty sure Sammy will react the same way once we get pregnant. I totally see him being skittish too. haha

Anne said...

Baby on the brain... I know the feeling :) Isn't it crazy to be at the point of last trip to visit family, last few date nights, etc.?! And I love this bump book idea!

agalandherdog said...

Such an exciting time! The shower looked perfect!

Jordon said...

LOVE all the decor and you are glowing!!!! You have such a smart hubby. Nothing better than a large pizza all to yourself, pregnant or not! :)

Allison said...

Oh my gosh those wooden buttons are just darling!!! And yay for her first pair of Uggs!

Care said...

What a fun baby post! I love those buttons and cupcakes :-) can't believe how fun all the shower stuff is! You have such a fun blog here :-) keep up the joy

Emily said...

You look great! Those little pink uggs are the cutest things ever!
We tried to set out baby stuff to get our dogs ready, too. I thought they would think it was weird but one day I found Chip napping in the rock and play! Haha :)

Faith said...

haha, how cute is Brutus! glad you were able to protect him!

what a gorgeous shower. loving all the details! and the pink Uggs! so freaking cute!

and i can't believe how far along you are ... the time has flown!

can't wait to read that she is here :)