Wednesday, August 21, 2013

28 Week Update!

Bump Updateedit
Due Date: November 8, 2013

Gender: It’s a girl!  Confirmed 3 times now!
Movement: Oh my!  How the movement has changed so drastically over the past month.  Her movements are so much bigger now.  Instead of light kicks, I feel rolls and stretches.  Each and every time, I’m amazed!

Feeling: Still feeling pretty great.  Honestly, I cannot believe we have entered the final stretch!  It has gone by so fast; yet, I feel like I’ve been pregnant forever!!  We cannot wait to meet our little girl.
The past two weeks have been pretty hit or miss with my energy levels.  Some days, I’m going-going-going, and then the next day my body feels so worn out.
I’m so excited to have the 28 week appointment done and over with….I was so incredibly nervous for the glucose test.  I’m feeling good about passing, that’s for sure!

Food Cravings: No cravings…although for the first time since I’ve been pregnant, I didn’t feel like water!  So, I treated myself to a Sprite.  First pop I’ve had in a year or so! 

Food Aversions: None

Clothes: The clothes situation has gotten pretty interesting.  I finally feel like I have nothing to wear!  The dress above is from The Limited, so I’m still trying to fit my big belly in regular clothes…just a size up.  I’m pretty sure this won’t work forever!  I ordered a few things from H&M that I’m excited to receive and see how they fit.  Fall fashion is definitely killing me right now…I want everything but in my old size!

Stretch Marks: Thankfully none at this point.  I alternating between Palmer’s and Bio Oil.  Hopefully that keeps them away!  Although, I’m pretty amazed with how much my skin is stretching…I know I have a ways to go…but, wow is the female body amazing or what?!

Sleep: I really can’t complain.  Sleep most nights is still same-old sleep (except with the 1-3 wakings to pee).  I have had some rib pain that has forced me to find a comfortable spot multiple times at night.  But again, I feel pretty lucky to feel so comfortable.

Symptoms: Heartburn/acid!  I find that right after we eat at night, if I recline or lay down, the acid is definitely worse.  So I’m trying to avoid doing this.  Right now, the only complaint I have is the rib pain.  I have had it for about a month now.  My ribs are so tender that I expect to see a bruise when I pull up my shirt.  I’m not sure if it is from the muscles stretching away from the ribs or if it is just our little lady’s position in my stomach.  Either way, it is tolerable for the most part.

What I Miss: Nothing right now

Best Moment: I think the best moment was seeing our daughter again at the 3D/4D ultrasound.  I really didn’t expect much, but she looked like a little baby!  I cannot wait wait to hold her…it definitely amped up my excitement even more!

Memorable Moments:
  • My birthday at week 24.  It really was a memorable one!
  • My spa day at week 25…seriously contemplating going back again before I deliver. 
  • My first baby shower at week 26.  I had so much fun and felt so lucky to have such great friends!
  • Week 27 marked celebrating our 4 year anniversary, finishing up our nursery, and my stomach getting noticeably bigger!!
  • Our feisty little girl flipping us the bird at the ultrasound at week 28!!

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Helene in Between said...

Sounds like you are doing so great! And you look beautiful !

julia rose. said...

oh hiiiii perfect pregnant momma!! you look amazing!
and yay for little girls!!

Anne said...

Ahhh, 3rd trimester! You look fabulous - but I know what you mean about fall fashion. Had to toss the JCrew catalog IMMEDIATELY so I didn't get depressed. Love seeing your memorable moments too - what a great month!

Erin @ Keep Calm and Sparkle said...

YAY for the 3rd Trimester!!! You are looking so great!! Fall fashion is killing me too!! I broke down and bought some maternity tunics and leggings this week to prepare me hopefully that will hold me over!

Becky said...

You should definitely go back to the spa! I'm still cracking up about her middle finger! :)

Lauren said...

You look so awesome, glad you are doing well :-)

Jordon said...

You make pregnant look good!!!!

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

You look awesome lady! So glad to hear everything is going well for you! xoxo

Angela said...

Lookin good girl!!

Jamie @ You Gotta Have Hart said...

I love your little bump. I teared up reading this. I'm sure that you do feel bruised inside that little petite body.. be sure that you get a video or two of her moving inside your body so that you can keep it for memories. Have you tried eating some tums before dinner or maybe drinking some milk?

Kate said...

Isn't it funny how you really think you feel movement around week 18, but once you're further along in yout pregnancy you realize that that movement you once felt was nothin' compared to the rockin and rolling that's currently taking place. Most people LOVE that feeling, but it creeped me out to no end. Haha! You have a person INSIDE you and that PERSON is MOVING. Too weird for me, hahaha!! :)

Marie said...

You look lovely! And I totally agree with Kate about it being a little weird when you think about it as a real live person inside of you, haha :) But I certainly miss the kicks!

Erin LFF said...

You seriously look flawless, lady!! I cannot believe you are at week 28 already, I feel like you just announced!!! :)

Allison said...

Seriously your already in your 3rd trimester?! That's crazy! You still look amazing! :)

Katrin said...

You look so stunning and beautiful! And I am so glad to hear that you are feeling great!

Faith said...

You are so beautiful!

I love how smooth everything is going! Dream pregnancy!

How are you already 28 weeks?! Crazy time is flying!

Pegster said...

YAY 3rd trimester, seems you got here so soon.

Your bump is definitely looking nice and define. There is no doubt now that you are pregnant.

So happy that everything is going well with your baby girl.

PS - I just love how positive and excited you are about your pregnancy, so refreshing

Kristen said...

I can't believe you're in the home stretch! Hope it goes by wonderfully for you! :)

Sarah said...

Love that belly!! And that dress!

Megan O. said...

So exciting you are in the home stretch and you look awesome!!! I love the dress, super cute and I agree with you that right now I want all of the fall fashion but I can't have any of it :( It's to hard to know how big I'm going to be and when!

Ashley (Sweet Carolina Belle) said...

You look great!! Not huge at all, I am sure it feels differently though. Congrats on making it to the home stretch!!

Pamela said...

You are too cute!!