Wednesday, May 22, 2013

Summer Fashion

I have a long list of items I’ve been lusting over for a few months.  They revolve around maxi skirts, lace shorts, tribal prints, and rompers.  Take a look!
Maxi Skirts
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I own a few maxi dresses, but no maxi skirts.  They seem so versatile!!  I would love one, or two, of these in my closet.  The brighter the better!

Lace Shorts
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I first saw lace shorts on pinterest, and it was love at first sight!  So so so adorable.  And the best thing is, there are some more affordable options at Forever 21, H&M, etc.

Tribal Print

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Anything and everything with the tribal prints, I’m loving right now!  Especially dresses.  This is such a great print that can go from season to season!

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And lastly, rompers.  Oh, rompers!  I don’t own one of these because every single one I’ve tried on for the past 5 years does not fit right on my body!  BUT, that doesn’t mean I haven’t given up hope.  They are so adorable and I hope I can find one!

As for me, I’ve really kept shopping to a minimum.  Literally, to a minimum means zero…ugh!  I just know that we will have so many purchases in the near future (including adding some maternity wear for me), so I’m trying me hardest to not buy any new summer items in my normal size!

What are you hoping to add to your closet for this summer?

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Jamie said...

Old Navy is having a sale on their Maxi Skirts that ends today.. 15-30% off! I think it's only online but I'm not sure. I got an email about it :) and guess what else they have on sale... BABY CLOTHES!! LOTS OF THEM!! hehe

Margaret said...

This is the first summer I bought a maxi dress and now I have three...and want MORE- including skirts. So cute and comfy.

Courtney said...

I love rompers so much but they never fit my body right either. =( You are going to make a fashionably cute pregnant lady when that bump decides to show

Jordon said...

I have been eying a maxi skirt, but I haven't found one yet that I love. Banana Republic has a few and hopefully I can hit them on a sale!

Kait said...

YES YES YES to all of this! I was just at Kohl's (yes I'm THAT girl) and bought the most adorable lace shorts by none other than J.Lo. Yes, that happened. And maxi skirts, be still my heart. There's a special place in heaven for the creator of those beauties. I realllyyyyyy wish I could pull off rompers, but I wind up getting a ridiculous front butt look. Very unattractive :(

Katrin said...

Great picks! I am looking for maxi skirts too. And some new dresses would be awesome!

Miss Monica said...

I got a maxi skirt from Ross. I am actually going to wear it Friday. It was like 12.99. I don't do shorts. Makes my legs even shorter. So mostly skirts and dresses for me this summer

Kristen said...

I really want to get a pair of lace shorts and a printed short as well. :)

Faith said...

EVERY single thing you mentioned I'm loving too! I have a few maxi skirts, one lace short (def need more) some tribal prints (def need more) and love rompers too.

So yeah, I need to shop. I'm insane, lol.

Go shop, haha. I'm also a bad influence.

Allison said...

I have a few maxi dresses, but no skirts either. I think I need to go shopping. And I am loving the aztec/tribal trend!

dave and jenn said...

I used to buy maternity stuff at Forever 21 - just in larger sizes than what I'd normally wear. It was great because I felt like I was being trendy but not breaking my budget with clothes I wouldn't wear for long.

Elsha said...

Maxis are my fav right now, especially with this humidity! YaY for local bloggers:) I was so excited when you mentioned that, I'm your newest follower on GFC & BL

Jenna said...

I love the maxi skirt picks! I saw some pretty cute and inexpensive ones at Target... may have to swing back and pick one up!


Laura Darling said...

I just got a maxi skirt last weekend and I LOVE IT!