Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Weekend Recap!

Hello there, Wednesday.  So nice to see you.  Amazing that it is the middle of the week already….hey not complaining at all!  Let’s get this weekend started!

BUT first, let me recap last weekend!  Ladies, I had one of the most amazing weekends.  It was seriously perfect.  I was surrounded with my best friends, we were doing all kinds of girly things, and eating amazing food.  Can’t get much better right?!

Sarah, Emily, and I traveled up to Columbus to Kristin’s house.  She has been a doll and made so many trips down to Cincinnati, so we decided to go up and spend some time on her turf.

Saturday afternoon, we went and ate in the Short North.  It was gorgeous(!) outside, so we walked around a bit and grabbed some delicious Jeni’s ice cream.

After showing the ladies around campus, we headed off for mani/pedi’s.


FUNNY story….so, some of the ladies were wearing skinny jeans ( I was not.  I was wearing leggings).  They were trying so hard to get their pants to go above their knees and I wasn’t really paying attention because I was watching them struggling.  Anyway, I sit down, put my feet in and everybody starts freaking out.  I had put my legs, LEGGINGS AND ALL, in the water.  LOL.  Seriously, I don’t know what I was thinking!  Obviously, I was just so excited ;)

We went back and starting getting ready for our evening out.  PS- we watched some of SNL.  Seriously, how amazing was JT?  Sooooo funny!

My best friends!  Emily, Kristin, and Sarah
Probably saw this on Instagram already.  If not, find me @marriedwithapup
Sunday morning, we got up early and did some shopping at Easton.  It was 60 degrees outside, so perfect weather to be at an outside mall.
Brunch at Northstar Cafe…Seriously, the best breakfast sandwich ever!
After thoroughly shopping at World Market for a while, we headed back to Cincinnati!
Hope you had a great weekend!

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Courtney said...

Aren't girl's weekends the best? They leave you so refreshed and thankful for the friendships in your life. And pedicures are always a must too. =)

Angie said...

What a fantastic weekend!!!

agalandherdog said...

Haha, I've totally been there with the skinny jeans during a pedicure!

I'm hosting a big giveaway at my blog today. You should stop by to check it out:

Ashley R said...

I *love* the name of your blog. :) This looks like a great weekend!!

Faith said...

Sounds like a great weekend! Makes me miss my girls!

You are gorgeous.

And the leggings scene is completely something I would do, hahaha!!

Becky said...

Haha too funny about your pedicure!! Sounds like the best weekend! I love world market too!!

Pegster said...

Hey Katie, reading this weekend recap made me feel like I was there. I can see why Faith likes you so much.

Looking forward to follow along your journey

Lauren said...

Too funny about your leggings! Love that black blazer so much :-)

Kristen said...

Sounds like a fun weekend. :) And that's too funny about the pedicure! haha

Katrin said...

Haha, love the pedicure story! Sounds like an awesome weekend! And your jacket is soooo cute!

Jen said...

What a fun weekend, and the weather was soo nice! I LOVE Easton and spend a lot of time there in the summer. It's such a nice place when the weather is nice out. Glad you got to enjoy Jeni's. We actually had some this weekend also. If you and Sarah ever are back this way, I'd love to meet up with you ladies :)

Becca Moss said...

Haha I laughed out loud when you said you stuck your leggings and all in the water. Whoops. Also, I'm so jealous that you've met Sarah and hang out with her. I love both of your blogs!

Desi said...

Aww Faith led me to your blog, and what do you know, you're a fellow Cincy blogger! I saw a pic of Aroma at Kenwood and had to do a double take! That's awesome. Um, then I keep scrolling through more photos and see a sweet girl I went to HS with... Ms Emily Howell!!! Small world :)