Wednesday, March 6, 2013

All About Hair I

I’ve got something very important to talk to you about today…hair!  Seriously, I feel so silly devoting whole post(s) to something like your hair, but c’mon, we all agree we ladies go to great lengths to get it looking the way we want.  And, I admit, I buy all kinds of products and tools in hopes of perfecting styles.  Like many of you, my hair is naturally wavy/curly.  But not the cute kind of curly…rather the dull lifeless waves.  If I put some serum in it and blow dry with a diffuser I can get a lot of curls.  SO, no matter the style, it takes some serious product to get my hair to cooperate.

I have been receiving some emails about hair tutorials.  I’m not sure if I am brave enough to do a vlog, so maybe I’ll put together some how-to’s (curling wand, large curls, etc.).  First, I wanted to start with the hair products I use daily.  I’m by no means married to these products, but they are currently working for me.  So, feel free to suggest any products you love!

Hair v.1

1) Pureology Pure Volume Shampooand Pureology Hydrating Light Conditioner
I have recently started using the pureology shampoo and conditioner and really like it.  It’s kinda spendy, but the good news is, you really only need quarter sized amounts when you use it.  Thus, it lasts a very long time.  Because of coloring my hair and the winter, I use the hydrating conditioner.  I find it to be very moisturizing without weighing by hair down.  Because let’s face it, I love me some volume.  OH, and I only wash my hair about every 3rd day.

2) Aussie 3 Minute Miracle
This is the best drugstore find as regards to hair products.  I try to use this deep conditioner once a week.  After leaving it on for the 3 minutes, my hair is so super sleek and smooth.  I find the little flyaways around my face and part are way less after I use this.

3) Oribe Supershine Moisturizing Cream
I use this leave in conditioner (only on my ends) right after I run a large comb through my wet hair.  I use this product no matter if I’m wearing my hair straight, curly, or curled.  I find that this strengthens my hair and also helps smooth.  

4) Aquage Uplifting Foam
Ok, so this is a product staple in my cabinet!  I never switch out this volumizer.  Itisthebest!!   It gives a lot of volume without any crunchiness.

5) BaByliss Portofino Titanium Ionic Hair Dryer
So this is a new purchase!!  And I’m obsessed.  Seriously, this is the only thing getting me up in the morning anymore.  So, I used to own a Hot Tools dryer and I was not that happy with it.  The plastic, where the attachments fit in, started wearing down and the attachments kept falling off while I was blow drying.  It was the most.annoying.thing.ever!  So, I was excited for the chance to get a new dryer.  After doing some research, I bit the bullet and invested in a more expensive one since I was going through them every couple of years.  And I’m I love! 

I always used to roll my eyes when dryers claimed to cut drying time down.  But this one seriously does.  I also feel like it also helps with the frizz!  Anyway, if you can’t tell, I love this product.  And no, I did not get compensated for this review!

6) Round Brush Boar Bristle
This is the last tool I use everyday.  Right before my hair is completely dry, I use the round brush on my front layers, sides, and back.  I aim the heat at my scalp and pull up a couple of times.  Then I hit my hair overall with the cool temperature.  Finally, I’m done.

Now, after that I usually straighten or curl.  I’ll be sure to include the products when I put together my tutorials.  Let me know if this is helpful to you!  Also, let me know if you have any products that you love.

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Sarah said...

1. DO a vlog ;)
2. I've been wondering if that aquage was as awesome as everyone claimed! Good to know it is!

Joanna @ JayBirds Flight said...

You should do a vlog for hair idiots like myself! Round boar brush...huh?! It is like you are speaking a foreign language!

Helene said...

I love the Aussie 3 minute miracle! but I need to try some of the other stuff you mentioned! you do have gorgeous locks girl!

Jax said...

LOVE this blog! I have been ALL about hair lately, mostly b/c I'm trying to keep mine healthy and growing for my wedding this year. I have superfine hair that's dyed blonde so it's dry. I recently found Kerastase Chroma Thermique (or something.. in a pink bottle). It's overpriced, but I love it so far. ONly a few days in though. It's a leave in product you put on before heat styling or blow drying. It's done wonders for adding shine, taming flyaways, etc. And it smells awesome.

I love that Aussie stuff though. I have that and used it once a week before I decided to give the Kerastase a go one day randomly.

I want that dryer. I feel like mine has been contributing to my flyaways and overdry hair. I just don't love it. Maybe that can be a splurge for myself if I get a work bonus this year (we usually get those soon).


Adrienne Clark said...

So I'm def going to have to get that blow dryer. That's the one thing I'm missing for a hair product that I like. I have wavy hair also and I use the croc flat iron and for curls the bed head wand. Thanks for the suggestions!


Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

dying for a tutorial on your gorgeous waves with your wand :-)

Jordon said...

John Frieda recently upgraded their volume collection and it is phenomenal. My hair has never had this much lift!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Ahh no wonder your hair looks so nicely done all the time!!

Meredith said...

Your hair looks so pretty in all of your pictures! I'm definitely going to have to try out some of your tips. I know I need to stop washing mine daily but it looks so dirty by the end of the day! Do you use a dry shampoo?

Emily said...

I agree that you should do a vlog! Teach me how to curl my hair. :)

I have a hair post scheduled for next week!