Monday, December 10, 2012

Weekend Recap

Hello!!  We had a fun and eventful weekend, how was yours?  Friday evening started out the weekend right with meeting up with Derek’s parents for our annual Christmas dinner.  The meal did not disappoint!  The only picture I took was of my cocktail, Berries and Bubbles.  But seriously, it’s the best cocktail ever.  Bubbles are super cool of course, but it tastes delicious!


Saturday evening we had a progressive dinner with our neighborhood.  I was really looking forward to doing this because I have always wanted to do it!  It was sooo much fun and I highly suggest this idea.  We all ended up eating way too much food!

Brutie Man knew something was up way before people starting coming over.  Dogs!  They can sense everything.

Since we had the cocktail hour of the dinner, we did not have to do much prep work.  So, I decided to make a little sign for our glassware area!  Printable on Pinterest of course!


Looks like a lime, right?  Well, those are actually the margarita jello shots that we made for the cocktail hour.  Amazing right?  People seriously loooovvvveeedd these!  I’ll definitely be posting this recipe later on in the week.  Really fun and almost a conversation piece for the party.

Group picture at the appetizer house!

And lastly, don’t forget to link-up tomorrow!

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Angela said...

WoW it all looks amazing, can't wait for that recipe, sounds like a super fun weekend


Courtney said...

Seriously, that is the CUTEST idea for a neighborhood night out! I love it. And please do post the recipe for the jello shots, I need to try those out!

Kristen said...

Progressive dinners are so fun. :)

And thanks for the reminder on the link up! ;)

Lauren said...

How fun and that drink looks amazing :-)

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

A progressive dinner sounds like such a fun idea! I love that little printable you made! Also, I know what you mean about dogs sensing when you're going to have people over, we had company Saturday and Lola was so on edge when we were getting ready...ha!

Also, make sure you read my blog post today lady :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

how cool are those lime wedges and i totally thought it was a regular lime until you pointed it out, you can't tell unless you look really closely or know it isn't a real lime

jamiedawn said...

Progressive dinners look so fun! I've always wanted to do one

Sarah said...

So fun and you look amazing!!

Faith said...

That isn't a real lime?! Omg!! I can't wait for you to share the recipe!!

You looked gorgeous!! Looks like we wore similar tops this weekend!!

I'll be sure to link up tomorrow :)

Angie said...

What a great weekend!! I have never heard of a progressive dinner. What a cool idea!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Interesting I've never heard of a progressive dinner... Looks like fun though! Pix of you and Brutus too cute!

Katrin said...

Love the picture! Looks like you had an awesome time!

Angela said...

I love this idea! Your blog looks like you are always having fun:)