Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Random Wednesday

I’ve got some randomness for you today on this lovely Wednesday (is it Friday yet?).
  • So I’m pretty much a loser because nobody linked up yesterday….but it’s totally ok and I can laugh about it!
  • BUT, the good news about my link-up yesterday: I went out to go to work the next morning and my check-engine-light was gone.  Yup, that’s right.  So maybe my link up is good luck : )
  • Did you watch the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show last night?  Would you believe me if I told you that I’ve never watched it?  Well, it’s true. 
  • Did you hear about William & Kate’s exciting pregnancy news?  Sooooo exciting!
  • I had to make my Christmas list for Derek this weekend…and I struggled.  What is wrong with me?  I feel like it's because I haven't been shopping in forever and I forget what I'm wanting!  Although, when making the list, I saw a commercial for spa, so I definitely put a massage/spa day on my Christmas list.  Amazing idea, right?!?
  • You know those curling wands?  Well I finally caved and bought one.  I like it!  It gives a way different curl, but I dig it.
  • I’ve been rocking the gel/shellac polish since we left for Italy in September.  I have recently had it removed and I’m so sad that my nails do not have color anymore : (  I felt like I needed to give my nails some breathing room.
  • I’m pretty sure we need some more outside lights.  All of our surrounding neighbors have outside lights.  We just have a wreath and two Christmas trees, that flank our door, that light up.  But compared to everyone else, we don’t look as festive.
  • We received a iTunes gift card for Christmas (we have Christmasgiving when we go to South Dakota.  Yes, weird, I know.) and I think I’m going to buy the Mariah Carey Christmas CD.  I thought about maybe Glee, but after listening to R&B/Pop Christmas radio station on Pandora for the past couple of weeks, I’m shooting for MC.
  • I wrapped the first Christmas gift last night and it made me excited!
  • After wrapping said gift, I realized I need to suck-it up and go out shopping the day after Christmas to get more gift wrap, tissue paper, labels, etc.  Except, I work the day after Christmas.  Really, it’s a little inconvenient that Christmas is on a Tuesday this year.
  • And that’s about all that I have for you today!  Hope you are having a good week!

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Faith said...

oh gosh, i feel horrible. i completely forgot about your linkup :( i didn't read your blog yesterday.

glad to hear about your check-engine light thought :)

ahhh, i'm so excited for Kate and William!

we still don't have outside lights up ... maybe tonight!

ahhh, i have yet to wrap our Christmas gifts which is weird because we pretty much have all our gifts!

happy Wednesday!

M. at Making Sense of Cents said...

Sorry about the link up! :(

Try again! I'm sure someone will next time.

Sarah said...

Big lots has really great paper for cheap!!

And I need to try this curling wand!!

dave and jenn said...

I never watch the VS fashion show either. But my sister-in-law LOVES it. I don't get it.

Natalie and Lee said...

Ok, did not read your blog yesterday! But that link-up was such a great idea! Try again:)

Kristen said...

So sorry about your link up! I totally forgot about it when I posted something and then saw you did it. If you plan on doing it again next Tuesday, I'll join! :)

I've never watched the VS show either but caught the tail end of it with a couple friends.

Angela said...

Sorry about the link up :(
Yipee for the engine light :)
VS fashion show - made me feel guilty for missing gym sessions and stuffing my face with mince pies :((((


Elizabeth @The Better Belle Project said...

I wanted to link up, but for some reason I thought the link up was today! I was going to link up last night, but you had closed the link up already :(

Maybe make it last a few days so that people can catch up with it? :)

Katrin said...

Oh no, I did not have much time for blogging the last couple of days!:( so sorry! i will join in next time. Life is so busy currently!

Courtney said...

I LOVE my curling wand!!! I agree, it gives a very different type of curl but it holds it better for me too. I wasn't home yesterday to do the link up =(

Allison said...

Keep doing the link up. I do want to do it sometime! And I have never watched the VS Fashion show either! High five! said...

I love gel nail polish!! I think it is zoo worth the money!! I struggle with my Christmas list too...just cuz I forget what I want....or it's always the same hahaha