Thursday, October 25, 2012

Saw it. Pinned it. Did it.

I’m linking up with Katie today for her and Steph’s Saw it. Pinned it.  Did it.  Now I know we have all seen this pretty little beauty on Pinterest, right?

Well I decided to try and recreate it.  It honestly was not hard at all.  What do you think?


Here are the steps:

1) Gather your supplies:
  • 3 pumpkins of different sizes
  • The letters “B O O”
  • Krylon glitter blast spray paint in Starry Night and Orange Burst ( I needed two cans of each; however, the first 2 I ordered online and they did not work very well.  So you may only need 2 cans total)
  • Urn or some type of holder for this topiary
  • Hot glue / gorilla glue / or some type of adhesive
2) Spray paint the letters and pumpkins.  Use a sharp object to remove the stems on the bottom two pumpkins.  Or like me, remove them all because I’m an idiot, Oops.  I guess I just got on a roll and forgot to stop : )
3) Adhere the letters to the pumpkins.  Also, adhere the pumpkins together and enjoy!

I put this right by our door to go along with our other pumpkins out front.  A couple hours later, Brutus and I went outside to get the mail and look what happened…
Ugh!!!!  I took all the pieces back inside and used gorilla glue instead of hot glue.  This bad boy is definitely a lot more sturdier now!

This is just an update of the apothecary jars I made last year, but here is how I repurposed them for Halloween

Hope you all have a great weekend!

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Jessica Nicole said...

you are so crafty! I have seen those pumpkins before and loved them.. and those jars are amazing.. I haven't had candy corn once this year and I definitely am craving it now!

Courtney said...

Ummm... holy cow I am love with that first project. Where did you get the swirly letters?

Michelle said...

Looks great! I love it.

Kristen said...

Looks great! :)

Sara said...

WOW! That really turned out great! Well, other than it falling down and all. :) Who knew it was that easy! You may have just inspired me to a Michael's run this afternoon to pick up some glitter spray paint!

A said...

I LOVE IT! I have been scanning Pinterest all morning look for fun things to do this weekend :) I'll have to join in next time!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

That looks fantastic...well done!

LifewithDemi said...

I loveiy! Amazing I love me some
CAndy corn :)

Faith said...

you are incredibly crafty! i love it so much! i need to get on pinterest and see if i could do something!