Friday, October 19, 2012

It’s Me, Brutus

Hello blog friends.  I’m taking over the blog again today.  Let me start off first by sharing a little secret…

My name is Brutus, and I have a shopping addiction!
You think I’m joking?  I love rocking me some new outfits.  You probably think it is all my mom’s doing…so, I thought I would put on a little fashion show for all of you to show you the looks that I’m sporting. 

You see, it all started out when I was very young.  My mom put sweaters on me from the first day that I came home with her.  See?

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That is when my fashion obsession began.  Nowadays, I like to mix it up a little more than just a blue cable-knit.  Lets start with game-day attire.  I mean, my name isn’t Brutus for nothing!

We begin with the classic jersey.  This jersey is perfect because it can continue across seasons.  I’ll be able to wear this sucker for the rest of my life.  The material is very breathable and easy to move in as well if I want to take a little run during half time.



Now this, this is a little t-shirt I would like to call “Where’s Brutus?”  I feel a little silly in horizontal stripes, but my mom likes it because it says my name on it.  No offense mom, but is your memory going bad or something that you need to buy me a shirt with my name on it?


Last up for game-day attire, is the hooded sweatshirt.  This may be my favorite all around piece of clothing.  Why, you ask?  Well it is super casual and great for those fall days.  Plus, it has the versatility to wear on days other than game days.



That concludes pieces for game-day.  Now, let’s move along to what my mom calls my stud-muffin shirt.  I mean, I know I look pretty fly in this polo but it’s a little hard to move in.  That is why it is reserved for dates with the ladies.




Next up, a t-shirt that I really don’t wear all too often.  Honestly, it’s a little tight on the guns.  I really like to show off the money makers, but I can only wear this little article for short periods at a time.  I mean I know what it says and I offered to get a tattoo that has my mom’s name in a middle of heart.  But, she settled on this so I wear it for her.



Lastly, we have a classic sweater.  I love wearing this thing around the holiday season.  In fact, this is exactly when my mom pulls this beast out.  I can only wear it for so long because I get hot running around in this thing.



Well, that concludes that fashion show.  I have some more pieces in my collection, but my patience was running extremely thin with trying all of these items on they are sooo last season. 

I’m around all weekend to take fashion questions ; )

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Courtney said...

I LOVE it! I wish Willow was better at letting me put her in outfits. She has a few Halloween costumes but she refuses to move when she has them on. Cute post!

Sarah said...

Omg hes so cute!! Floyd has a polo too, although it might be a little snug on him now. I think Floyd does need some more hooded sweatshirts in his wardrobe though, those look so comfy, Brutie Man!

Lauren said...

Love his little outfits so much! I had a denim jacket for Scoobie when he was a puppy :-)

JJ said...

its good to know that I'm not the only one with varied outfits for my pup. Dexter loves his clothes, I just know it. Ryan thinks he looks so silly. Can't wait to show him this post! said...

This was the cutest post!! Brutus you look rocking and I ove your blue polo!!

LabelSnob said...

Brutus!!! I love when you post! I loved the fashion show and my favorite piece is actually your striped "Brutus" shirt although you look adorable in all of your clothes! XOXO

Emily said...

Love all the Buckeye gear!! Chip & Dixie might need a wardrobe update soon!

Jessica Nicole said...

Oh my goodness.. that first picture in the blue sweater when he was just a pup.. melt my heart! So adorable!

Dan and Pauline said...

Too cute! My favourite is the sweater, it'll keep him snuggly warm in the winter months.

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

You don't even want to know how big I am smiling right now. Ok laughing. And smiling. And just loving this post soooo much!!

Kristen said...

Brutus and I obviously share the same weakness. ;) Looking good Brutus! He should totally wear the "I heart Mom" outfit more!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Lol Brutus you are too awesome!! Love the one with your name on it!

Recently Roached said...

Oh my word! This is way too cute! :)

Meg {henninglove} said...

oh brutus you are entirely too cute! all of your little sweaters are so precious but you do have a shopping problem. you might need to cut back after you buy a halloween sweater and then a few christmas sweaters then cut back

Kristin said...

oh Brutus you are too cute

dave and jenn said...

Brutus, you make an excellent model. I wish Oliver would wear clothes like you!

Jax said...

Brutus, you are too adorable! I need to get my mom to get off her butt and get me some chic duds.

Much love-
Gracie dog. ;)