Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Cinque Terre

I’m continuing on with our Italy trip…hope you are not totally annoyed!  So after traveling through Pisa, we made it to Cinque Terre.  Seriously, the most beautiful little place EVER!  The water was an amazing turquoise blue and ahh, those colorful houses!  Ah-mazing!  Not to mention, we had the BEST seafood while we were there.

There are 5 tiny villages with hiking trails connecting each of them.  Except, there was a landslide 2 days prior to us arriving, so all of the trails were closed.  But of course that didn’t stop us from having a great time.  We utilized the train and ferry to get to each of the villages.  Each one had a unique charm so I’ll let the pictures do the talking!

We stayed in Manarola.  Those hills were a bitch to maneuver with the luggage; but oh so worth it!


This was our view from the room’s terrace.  We slept with the door open every night…there is nothing like hearing those waves when you are sleeping!  So peaceful!


Below is Corniglia.  As you can probably see, there is no spot for a ferry to pull up to the village…nor can a train make it up that big hill.  So, see below what you have to do to get up to this village.


See all those stairs?  Yup, they go clear down by those railroad tracks.  And yup, that’s how you reach this village.  ALL 400 stairs.


Vernazza.  This stop had a little bit more going on.  More shops and restaurants…also a little more night life.  WE had an amazing dinner here and actually met a lady that went to Ohio State!  I was excited!



And lastly (if you’re counting, that is only four.  We didn’t have a chance to explore the last little village), Monterosso.  As you can see, it is the biggest village.  There are beach areas to utilize the Mediterranean.




Overall, we had the best time in Cinque Terre.  And I definitely decided I could live on the ocean!



PS- Brutus thanks all of you for your comments over the weekend!

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Jessica Nicole said...

I am so jealous.. It's beautiful there! I love that outfit youre wearing. Is that a recent purchase? I can never find cute maxis!

Laura Darling said...

Those pictures are beautiful! I've always wanted to visit a town like that -- on the side of a mountain right next to the ocean! But I don't know if I'd be able to handle 400 stairs!

jamiedawn said...

These are the most stunning photos!! And I love that striped maxi dress!

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

Ahhh I love Cinque Terre! It was probably my favorite place we visited in all of Europe, so charming and food is amazing! I'm loving all your pictures :)

Lauren said...

Looks like a gorgeous place to visit, def on my list now -)

Kristen said...

Again. Jealous. haha

Sarah said...

Those are postcard worthy!!

Katrin said...

Wow, your pictures are breath-taking! What a wonderful trip!

agalandherdog said...

So jealous!

dave and jenn said...

So beautiful! Love your travel wardrobe so far too. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful pictures! Those stairs are crazy.

Mrs. Pancakes said...

OMG! just gorgeous...we should all experience such splendor..the sunset and stairs are beautiful!

Jax said...

I am in LOVE with your photos. I'm contemplating emailing Eric all your Italy blog posts since I want to go back and we have yet to find a honeymoon destination. I mean.. just saying. Your pics are definitely in support of an Italian honeymoon! Gorgeous. And so fun!

Nikki said...

These are gorgeous photos - we went to Italy last year & Cinque Terra was by far my favorite place we visited! My husband & I did the day long hike from the 1st village to the last (phew!)This makes me want to go back immediately! :)
Nikki at www.bedazzlesafterdark.com

Bosch Family said...

Gorgeous photos! This is one of the places I want visit.

Kelsey said...

I discovered your blog through Courtney (With Gratitude) and I've had so much fun reading through some of your past posts and seeing glimpses of your life. Your Europe trip looked amazing! My husband and I traveled to Cinque Terre while we were dating and that is where he told me he loved me for the very first time...needless to say, it will always be one of our favorite places!

Nikki said...

I'm not even sure how I found your blog, but am so glad I did. We leave Monday for Cinque Terre and Florence. I think I'm glad we're staying in Monterosso because I have a broken foot and in a walking boot. Your pictures are beautiful!