Monday, October 29, 2012



Well, we’ve made it to our last stop on our trip, Bellagio.  Bellagio sits on Lake Como in the northern lake region of Italy.  It is right on the border of Switzerland so you are surrounded by the beginnings of the Alps.  Absolutely stunning…Derek and I have both agreed that we will definitely be heading back to Bellagio some point in our lives.

It was a royal pain to get here.  After almost missing our train to Milan, other train delays, CARAZY bus drivers, and our luggage breaking (yup handle just popping right off!), we were ready for some relaxation.  We enjoyed a nice couples’ hot stone massage here.  Let’s just say that us Americans are a tad way more modest than Europeans : )

We also rented a boat for the afternoon to explore Lake Como.  It a fairly large lake and gorgeous blue clean waters.  Like I said, you couldn’t beat the mountains surrounding us!






We were on the look-out for George Clooney’s villa.  Sadly we drove right by it and didn’t realize it.  However, there were some monsters on the way of our hunt.




The sunsets were also gorgeous from our terrace of our hotel room!




AND that was our trip!  Hope you have enjoyed our recaps.  If you missed any spots along the way, you can read about Venice, Florence, Tuscany, Pisa, and Cinque Terre.

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Cat Simmonds said...

Wow Katie! I have really enjoyed visiting your blog to check out the amazing spots in Italy that you got to experience! Thanks for sharing! Cat

Lauren said...

Looks so amazing and love that last picture of you :-)

Courtney said...

I am so, so in love with that last picture of you! Absolutely gorgeous, loved looking through all of your memories. =)

Sara said...

WOW wow WOW! Love it! We went to Italy last summer and it was just amazing. The whole country is like a dream. We rented a boat to explore the Amalfi Coast - what a great way to see an area! You guys did it right!

Laura Darling said...

Well this looks fantastic. It seems like the only way it could possibly have been better is if you had been able to catch a glimpse of George Clooney!

Kristen said...

Absolutely gorgeous!!

Elizabeth @The Better Belle Project said...

This is SO gorgeous, it's been a dream of mine to go to italy! Glad someone is there taking in that view!

Also, read that you're a buckeye as well! Love finding other Ohioans in the blog world! I was class of '10, what about you?

Anonymous said...

Breathtaking and stunning! You two must have had so much fun!

Jax said...

Wooooow. So pretty! I love your boating outfit on you, you adorable world traveler! After Venice, I want to go back to Italy so badly... What an amazing country with such fantastic people!

Miss Monica said...

Absolutely love these pictures.

Melinda said...

So jealous! Looks like such a fun trip- love that last photo of you- gorgeous!!

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