Tuesday, August 28, 2012

If You Really Knew Derek…

I’ve seen these float around the blogland and I thought it was adorable to share a little bit of my husband! 

So here we go!

If you really knew Derek…

Derek is a full-out GEEK!  Yes, he will even admit it.  He loves video games and building computers in his spare time.

Derek has a super unique laugh.  In fact, whenever we go out with our friends, it is their goal of the night to hear his laugh.  Sadly, his “special” laugh has slowly quit making it’s debut over the years….I haven’t heard that thing for a while.

Derek is literally the smartest person that I know.

Derek’s lung has collapsed…..TWICE!  One of the scariest situations we have had together to date.

Derek is known as the shot king!  Whenever we are out, all our friends know that they better get ready to have a good time because Derek will be buying shots FOR EVERYBODY!

Derek has a passion/love for sound quality.  As in…obsessed with good sound quality.  Thus, every speaker (house, computer, home theater, car, etc.) must be prime quality.  Oh, and did I mention he has crazy headphones?  Like as in the kind you’ve never heard of, look crazy huge, and cannot buy anywhere in a store, all for the love of sound quality!

Derek is very generous.

Derek is a huge outdoors guy.  He has always had four-wheelers & dirt bikes, loves to go fishing, and dreams to have a pond on a large property.

Derek has a HORRIBLE driving record.  He has caused more accidents than I can remember.  And up until last week, has never received a speeding ticket.  Yes, last week he finally got his first ticket….in a construction zone (UGH)!

Derek has never been out of the country.  This will change very soon (so excited!).

Derek will force his first born to wok at Best Buy as soon as he/she turns 16.  He swears the discounts are out of this world!

Derek’s one dream in life is to own a fast car.  As you’ve probably seen from our Las Vegas photos, I’ve ruined this dream by buying him a drive in a Lamborghini and Ferrari….now, these are the only two cars that will fulfill this dream.

Derek’s nickname is high school was DMac.  Then, in college that changed to DRock or just Rock.  His buddies call him this.

Derek is extremely goofy.  However, most people do not get to see this side of him.  I like that it’s reserved for the special people in his life.

Derek was a huge romantic guy in high school….brought a single flower to my house every day for the first few months of dating.  Hmph, what happened to that?!!?

And lastly, Derek is a ring-cleaning-machine.  Seriously!  Anytime, my ring needs to be cleaned, it’s alllll him.  He has a special method to get my ring sparkly clean.

Well, hope you enjoyed getting to know a little bit more of my husband!

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Allison said...

Aw...your husband sounds like a great guy! I love that he cleans your ring. Cute post.

Katrin said...

Such a great idea, Katie! Thanks for sharing this! Derek seems to be a great guy! I am so sorry that he has so many problems with his lungs. I hope that won't happen again!

Kristen said...

What a fun post! I'll have to do this sometime! :) How did his lungs collapse?!

Faith said...

This is so cute! I loved learning more about him!

So scary about his lungs :(

Kaolee said...

My husband loves videos and computer stuff as well. And the outdoors! Sounds like they would be great friends!

Love this post!

Jessica said...

Such a cute post!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

So sweet, don't you love a goofy man that you can call your own!

Courtney said...

I love this! I may have to steal the idea from you and do one of my husband. =)
Seriously, it sounds like our husbands would be AMAZING friends if they ever met in real life, it sounded like you were describing Jeremy in almost all of those things.

Jax said...

I love this! Thanks for sharing! And the ring cleaning machine thing is hilarious and awesome! I thought about getting Eric that drive a luxury car thing, but just haven't done it yet b/c he's the SAME way about cars and wants to own a fast one.

Miss Monica said...

Love the post! Derek does like shots and he does have a pretty funny laugh.