Tuesday, July 31, 2012

You’re So Vain

Not You,


I’m serious, so don’t judge me….ok, you can.  I just couldn’t resist sharing this story.  Feel free to make fun!

SO, as you all know, this year was my 25th birthday!  Along with the big 2-5, comes getting a new license. 

Since we were going to Nashville for my birthday, I had to make sure I got that bad boy before we left.  So, I hurried to the BMV after work one day (1st bad decision). 

Wasn’t too busy or anything; so, I was considering myself a pretty lucky gal.  After giving them all my information, completed my eye test (20 20 vision thank you very much), and handed over a check, I was ready for the picture portion of this process!

I stepped over to the blue screen, looked right at the camera, titled my head down just a little bit (to slim the face, ya know), and gave a big smile.  I was feeling good about the photo because I wore a cute suit that day (red) and did my hair (BIG deal for me during the week).

The gentleman handed me my new license and after glancing at it, I thought OH MY GOODNESS!!!  It looked horrid.  I didn’t want to stand there and stare at it looking ridiculous, so I ducked out of there (2nd bad decision) immediately to take shelter in my car where I could stare at it in privacy.

Once I got to my car, I tried talking myself into being ok with the photo.  Let me paint a picture of you:  First, my eyes were barely open, I was scary pasty white, and my hair looked gross.  Ya, gross pretty much summed up the photo.  I mean I have to have this for FOUR WHOLE YEARS people!  You have to at least understand where I’m coming from at this point.

I forced myself to go home and forget about it….all the while thinking about how many times I’ll have to show it just at Nashville that weekend with all the bars.

I went into work the next day and had to show some other people to get their opinions.  At least strangers will tell me it looks ok, right?  WRONG!  They agreed I looked like garbage.  Now, I was panicking.  So….

…..I called the BMV.  Yes, that’s right.  Me on the phone asking some BMV worker for the ridiculous request to get my picture retaken.  Luckily, they were super nice and told me as long as it was within 24 hours, I could come in and get a new license….for free!  It was my lucky day!

I raced there after work, and as soon as I stepped in the BMV, I got so nervous.  It’s one thing to be on the phone placing this request, and it’s a whole 'nother ball game in person.  I just kept thinking (license for the next 4 years, next 4 years, etc.).  So I braved it, and stepped right up and asked the next BMV employee for a new photo.

THEY HATED ME!  And respectively so.  I mean, I was being ridiculous.  BUT, you could just tell I was ruining their day by being there and asking them to get a new license.  Ahhh, I felt so bad!

Needless to say, I tried to get out of there as soon as possible.  The guy taking my picture was so nice and offered for me to look at the photo before processing it on the license, and I was like noway!  I’ll take whatever it looked like.  I just wanted to high-tail out of there.

LOL, luckily I can live with my new photo because I do not want to step foot back in there for a while.

So, please go ahead and make fun of me…nothing can be as bad as the feeling being in that BMV asking for a new license because I didn’t like my photo : )

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Katrin said...

Love the story! :)) The picture on my German driving license is so terrible. Luckily I never really have to show my driving license because we don't use it as an ID. I can totally understand that you wanted a new license. :)

Sean Marie said...

Haha, you're ridicoulos and I love it. My ID looks like a freakin' mugshot. I can't wait to get it renewed. Can't believe you did that though! I'm sure it was perfectly okay the first time.

Jax said...

hahah! If I hated my photo, I so would have done that, too! I had one where they zoomed in on my face a LOT and a guy at the liquor store said "You look like you've lost a lot of weight since you got this!" I wanted to die. I was like "Oh.. yeah...no it's just a bad photo." Ugh. That was not the first time something like that happened. I wished I'd gotten another photo many times when I had that stupid license.

Kristen said...

Lol. There's nothing worse than a bad ID photo! I find that if I wear a shirt that goes straight across my neck, so no scoop neck or anything, that I look better.

I'm surprised they didn't show you the picture before they processed your license, cause usually they do at the one here.

Lauren said...

This is too funny, I always stress about getting my picture taken for licenses and other photo IDs too haha.

Allison said...

Love this story! I would have done the SAME thing...but I think you should have taken a picture of your picture for us to see. Haha.

According to Jax said...

Hahah this is hilarious! I would be upset too. The license I got when I was 21 was THE BEST PHOTO I've ever taken in my whole life. Weird right? I LOVED showing people my new license....but then when I turned 25 they wouldnt let me keep the photo...AND wouldnt let me keep the license either so I had to give it up. Grrrrr. I would keep my 21 photo forever if they let me.

Courtney said...

I WISH I was brave enough to go back and get my picture taken over. When I got married and had to change my last name they took the WORST picture of me! I still have it and I'm still embarassed to show it to people.
You should post a picture of both =)

ms.composure said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this post girl!! thanks so much for sharing!!


Faith said...

Haha, I wish I had the guts to do that. I've been living with the ugliest picture ever! And I hate it so much. I look hideous!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Those ID pics can turn out bad sometimes...don't blame yourself for wanting a good shot!

dave and jenn said...

That is an awesome story, and I probably would have done the same thing!!

Kristin said...

I think they all just hate their jobs! Usually rude peeps