Monday, June 11, 2012

What Happens in Vegas….

….Happens in Vegas!!  Sorry, all recap posts will have a corny Vegas title post….just to warn you now :)

Vegas was fantastic; but, then again, when is Vegas not fantastic!!!  I have some recaps for you and I can’t wait to share. 

Day One

First drink of the trip out by the pool!  And yes, I’m as exhausted as I look (more on that later)

Getting ready to go shopping at the outlet malls…YES, of course, we had to do some shopping in Vegas!!  And you will be seeing a lot more of that fedora.  I bought that thing for the trip and besides…when in Ohio will I wear it again??

Imagine my excitement when I saw this pretty little thing…..TORY BURCH OUTLET, WHHHHATTT?!!  Yes, I really was that excited!  So I had to pick up a little beauty to take home with me!

Night One

Derek and I had dinner at Diablo's, which was suggested by Whitney!!  Yum, it was delicious!!

From the margaritas to the loaded nachos & tacos…everything was delicious!

So, after dinner, Derek and I …….went back to the hotel and went to sleep.  AT 9:00pm Vegas time.  HEY, that was totally midnight Ohio time.  LOL, no seriously, call us lame.  We were exhausted from traveling and blah blah blah!  Just trying to keep it real.  

But no worries, we made up for it the next night, and the next night!

Day Two

SO, my brother and sister-and-law finally got to Vegas!  We went right away to Burger Bar, a Hubert Keller restaurant, and got some amazing burgers!! 

My beautiful sister-in-law, Lissa, and my brother, Cadet.

Derek and I! 

The rest of the day, we walked along the strip and bumped into some “famous” friends

The Avengers!!

Well, to see what happens next….you have to wait until tomorrow.  BUT, maybe I’ll give you a little sneak preview......

For Derek’s birthday last month, I may have bought him this.  And YES, that is a Lamborghini…..

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Faith said...

So fun! I absolutely love Vegas! My most favorite place to visit!

Loving all your pictures! I'm so excited for your 2nd post! I want to know more about the car!!

Cat Simmonds said...

Love your Vegas style! Looking forward to Vegas round 2!

Leeann @ Join the Gossip said...

I live pretty close to Vegas and don't go nearly enough. Looks like you had a blast!

Thanks for joining us. Don't forget to mention the linkup or grab our button next time :) We're excited to have you!

Erin said...

Ahhh- makes me soooo excited to visit Vegas! (hopefully in august!) I def want to eat at Diablos if the margs and nachos were amazing... that's right up my alley!

I think you look gorgeous in all these pics, and the first one especially! No joke, I looked at it and was like OMG she is so pretty, and thennnnn read your caption about how exhausted you were. Can't. even. tell!!!

agalandherdog said...

Cute fedora!

Katrin said...

Looks so awesome! Thank you for sharing the pictures! I hope I will be able to go and visit Vegas too!
It is so great that you studied in Venice! And you also live in Ohio. :))

Sarah said...

So so fun! I showed Mister that picture of Derek in that car and his eyes got SO big. Just a teeeensy bit jealous I think.

Courtney said...

I've never been to Vegas before but I'm dying to go!! And by the way, you lady, look adorable in a fedora.

dave and jenn said...

Love your fedora, and I want to know what you bought from the Tory Burch outlet!!!

Ashley said...

looks like a great time, I love vegas!!

Kristen said...

So fun!

Lauren said...

Such cute pictures love your hats and those drinks look so good!! :-)

Nav said...

you looked pretty in all outfits!

i cant wait to visit Vegas!

Andrea D said...

JEALOUS. I can't wait to take a trip to Vegas. And you're completely allowed to flood your vacation posts with cheesy Vegas sayings...totally acceptable!

Leah said...

I've never been to Vegas and hubs has been 3 times in the past two years! Love your pictures. You look great, love the Fedora!

tiff@thecoffeehouse said...

a lamborghini eh ... I think I'll stick around until tomorrow. you know, just to see if you're telling the truth or not.
and you two in hats, I love it. I want your hat.

Janna Bogert said...

I love your fedora! I also love your sister in laws shoes. The background in the last pic looks fake, it's so picture perfect!

Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

oh yay i just saw this!!! you went to diablos and burger bar...some of my vegas faves :-) ahh i wanna go back right now. looks like you all had a blast. you are rockin that fedora hott stuff!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

looks like you guys started off your trip in it!!

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