Monday, June 4, 2012

Weekend Recap

Another week…another Monday!  Sorry I’ve been pretty sparse through these neck of the woods lately.  I have no excuse, BUT…I am going to vvvvvvvegaassssss [baby] this week and I cannot wait.  So maybe the anticipation of a very short vacation makes me want to do nothing at home but lay around and think about going on vacation!

Hopefully when we return, I’ll have some major recaps for you!  Late notice, but if anybody wants to do some guest posting for me while I’m gone, let me know!

So on to my weekend recap.  This was such a great weekend.  I know I say that most of the time…but this one was great because while I had some things to keep me busy, I had some down time as well.  I feel like I really relaxed this weekend.  Thank goodness!

Friday, I attend the Cincy Chic’s Little Black Dress event with a bunch of girlfriends for Monica’s going away party.  First, let me tell you that it was June 1st and the weather was in the freakin 60’s…bbrrrrrr!  So, while the fashion show was a ton of fun, it was dampened (pun intended) with the cold weather and some drizzle.  However, it was still a fun event and great seeing the girls!

OK, we got a new point and shoot and once I realized the date-and-time was stamped to my photos…..I figured how to change that realfast!  Anyway, this is Megan, Monica, me, and Emily in our little black dresses.
Total side and an insecure note- I soooo need a tan.  Hopefully while I’m in Vegas, I’ll get a little bronzed and not so much a burn because I’m looking a little ghostly!

Getting our seats on the runway!

And look who I ran into....

It’s Liz and Sarah!  Two great bloggers from Cincinnati looking fabulous in their little black dresses!

Saturday- Had pedicures (which were heavenly) with my mom

Sunday- Relaxed and caught up on some reading….PS- my DVR is officially hating me because my Nook is getting all my attention.  Will have to catch up on my trash reality television next week!

Hope you ladies had a great weekend!

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Lauren said...

Love your LBD and the bun hairdo always looks fab on you :-)

Cat Simmonds said...

LOVE the pink blazer!!! What a fun night out!

Faith said...

So jealous! You're going to my favorite city. I'm going in October. It would have been awesome if we were going at the same time :)

You look gorgeous!

Glad you had a great weekend!

Michelle said...

Have fun on your trip!

Kelsey @ Seattle Smith's said...

HAHA my Tivo is hating me too and is!!!

Liz said...

Hey there - newest follower here :)

It was great meeting you at the LBD event!