Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Getting Lucky….

…In Vegas!!  Unfortunately, we didn’t strike it big gambling in Vegas; but, Derek did get pretty lucky with the birthday gift I gave him in Vegas. 

OK, OK, OK…so, I may have not bought him the car, but I did buy him a test drive.  Well, a driving experience to be exact!!  We had three hours in one of Vegas’ parks to drive three sports cars.

First up, the Lamborghini

AND he didn’t wipe off that smile the whoooooollllleeeee three hours.  He was a happy guy to say the least!

Next, a convertible Jaguar (don’t know the models of any of these cars, nor did I drive.  I was just a happy passenger…who forgot a hair tie….yes, I was that stupid girl driving in a convertible with her hair going everywhere!!!)

Side note- I totally had in my extensions and was waiting for some hair to fly out…that would have been real classy  ;)

Like I mentioned, we drove in the red rock park in Vegas.  Very cool surroundings.  However, since we were the last tour of the day…..we got to take the cars back to the garage.  Thus, driving in Las Vegas traffic on the highway with a couple hundred thousand dollar car.

First let me tell you, Derek gets REAL nervous driving in traffic.  So nervous nancy him driving in traffic with this nice of a car, (i.e. I told him he would ruin our future if something happened to this car, no pressure) about gave me a heart attack!! 

They have a video camera in the cars just in case you would want to buy a video of your driving experience…..I really hope somebody doesn’t watch that video of where Derek was driving on the highway..I’m sure it was just me FREAKING out the whole time!  LOL!

Anyway, so the car that we drove through traffic was….

The Ferrari!!  Thank goodness.  It was the only car that was not a convertible…..thus, my hair had some relief on the highway!  (PS- LOVED this car…it had a sound like no other)!!!

So, I definitely won the bestest birthday gift in my husbands’ eyes!  It was so much fun to see him so happy and excited!  We used World Class Driving and was so impressed; definitely recommend!

Check back tomorrow if you want to see what kind of shenanigans we got into that night…..again, I’ll give you a little preview....


If you want to see how I got that flower during the performance of the Cirque du Soleil show, O, check back tomorrow!

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ms.composure said...

OMG that sounds like an amazing gift!!! i am sure he loved every second of it!! i def will have to keep that in mind for my BF when we take our trip to vegas! def loving your hair girl!


Michelle said...

Sounds like so much fun!

Lauren said...

What an amazing gift!!!! Those cars look so awesome to drive :-)

Faith said...

Best wifey award! Love the pictures! He looked so happy!

Can't wait for your next post! You are making me so excited for our Fall trip!

Janna Bogert said...

Definitely BEST present! My hubs would love that! PS. You guys look great in those cars ;) Totally need to pick up a couple of those for yourselves ;)

Ashton Belle said...

This looks like a blast!

Sarah said...

SOOOO fun! Best gift ever!!

Courtney said...

Seriously, best wife EVER! My husband would have died!!!
And all your vacation outfits are adorable by the way =)

agalandherdog said...

What a fun gift!!

Kristen said...

Definitely a great gift! Good thinking! :)

dave and jenn said...

What a great gift! I had no idea you could even do that!

Kristin said...

wow you are a awesome wife getting that for him! how fun

Mrs. Pancakes said...

you are definitely an awesome wife for sure...how fun!