Thursday, June 7, 2012

Ever hold a baby lion before?!?!

Welp, I'm off basking in the dessert sun...I'll be sure to bring to have some fun and crazy times in Sin City so I have plenty to blog about when I get back, k? k!  Meantime, the super adorable and sweet Erin has a great post for you about her vacation favorites.

I'm Erin and I blog over at Love, Fun & Football and would LOVE to meet you.

Can you believe Katie just left us for Vegas and didn't invite us?! At least-- iiiiii didn't get a formal invite.
Anyway- I'm sure she is having a BLAST! I've never been but definitely hope to get there this August. I hope Katie is prepared for me to stalk her recaps and ask about a bazillion questions when she gets back :)

But until then, I'm stealing a little bit of her blog, just for today, I promise!
Since she's on vacation and I just got back from a 1-year anniversary trip,
I figured I could share a few of my vacay favorites.

In addition to the obvious things like sunscreen, beach towels, sandals and seventeen a few new bathing suits, something I love to buy every year for vacation is a new coverup. This year I got two ;)

via Victoria's Secret
via Target as a bday gift!

I love bringing more than one because they double day or night, at the beach or eating a casual lunch!

If you're anything like me -I'd also recommend bringing more than one pair of sunglasses. Lord knows I won't break a pair until I'm on vacation, on a beach and in the brightest sunlight I've seen in months.

Happens EVERY time.
Double up, people!

Another must have? An insulated beach bag/cooler combo! 
Another bday gift-- My mother-in-law got me this awesome bag, how cute is it?!

She stuffed it full of beach necessities that I probably wouldn't have thought to pack:
Chapstick with SPF, tissues, a first-aid kit (which we needed!)
a small bag for wet clothes, plastic cups and of course yummy snacks ;)

And you know what else?! I may be 25, but darnit my hubby and I like to have fun and act like kids on the beach. Bring a frisbee, a football, beach bocce ball or something to entertain yourself. Sometimes you need a break from baking your skin and jumping waves.

Speaking of jumping waves... I have just one last item you MUST bring with you, if you can be lucky enough to find one:
A pink, inflatable dragon that your hubby or significant other can float on,
making children everywhere jealous.

If all else fails and all your sunglasses break..... let's hope you remembered to bring some cash for cabs, room service, tips, and random photo opp's with lions at your resort.

That is one ahhh-mazing picture!  Did I mention Erin and I live in the same city?  Yes, the SAME side of Cincinnati even.  I know the Nasty isn't that big, but yes, there are complete and separate sides of Cincinnati.  Anyway, we have yet to have a blate yet...but we better meet up this Summer!  Thanks so much for guest posting!

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Anonymous said...

Love this post! And the first cover up (pink one) is so cute, I'm definitly going to keep an eye out for that - I don't even own a cover up! Ha!

And the picture of your hubby with the dragon float is too funny. I would never do that though (just sit in the ocean like that), at least not in Delaware. I used to love going in the ocean, but I got stung by a jellyfish 3 years ago that left 13 scars on my leg/thigh, and don't like water that I can't see what is in it now!

Michelle said...

OH MY GOD that last picture is so cute!

Lauren said...

So agree with your beach tips and the picture of you two is so so cute with the baby lion!

dave and jenn said...

That pink inflatable dragon is awesome!

Kristin said...

love the pink dragon!

Elise said...

Love the dragon and love the post! The only thing that's disappointing is your description of this lovely city we both inhabit. There is nothing separating any parts of it. No rivers, no bridges, etc. The only thing that separates it is the falsehood of class divisions that people project to make themselves feel better.