Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Pasty Pastels

I’m very pale right now…as in, if I wore the pastel trend right now, I’d look, well gross.  Just like neon colors, pastels are soooo in!  Well, I’m trying to get inspired on how to incorporate pastels into the wardrobe without looking washed out.  Here’s what I found:

Source: google.com via Amanda on Pinterest

A great way to wear pastels in on the bottom.  Using a brighter top (or even a black or white) will make sure the face does not get washed out.  And rocking colored denim is hot right now!

Source: google.es via Hablamos on Pinterest

Use the pastel color in a layering technique.  Just like the picture, the pastel top doesn’t wash out the complexion because of the dark denim and khaki blazer.

This is an easy one, right?  Spruce up an outfit with some pastel shoes!  Loves those mint platforms!

Use accessories to add these colors….how cute are these chain bracelets!!!

Pastel Nail Polish!!  This is one trend I’ve not tried (same with neon polish).  However, I think this would be a lot of fun to incorporate into your weekend outfit fun!
Source: accessorize.com via 1 on Pinterest

Spruce up the outfit with a purse or clutch using pastels.  I love an envelope clutch in just about any color!

Bring the color in by outerwear.  I mean this could get a little tricky because it is a whole lot of pastel.  But, hey, at least it will come off at some point, right?  PS- GREAT bag!

And, if you are one of those beauties who can rock pastels any which way…you go girl!  And for those you can’t but do not want to settle with little pops-here-and-there….then you go for it too!

What are your thoughts?  Are you loving pastels?

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Courtney B said...

Those pants.... I WANT!
I have a pretty purple pastel nail polish that seriously makes me feel tanner when I wear it :)

Courtney said...

I've been trying to work up the courage to buy some bright colored denim but I still haven't found a pair I like. I think you would look great in any of those colors!

Michelle P said...

All of this is so cute!

Kristen said...

I think the only pastel I really like this season and want to buy, is the mint. Everything else I'm just not a fan of!

Lauren said...

I usually wear brighter colors, but loving the new pastel trend for summer :-)

dave and jenn said...

I do love pastels, but I just don't wear them very often... looking forward to experimenting with them some this year though. :)

Anonymous said...

Love the pastel nail polish!! Definitely a trend to try. I have tons of colors if you would like to borrow a few. :)


Kristin said...

loving the pastel heels!!

Jax said...

I LOVE the pastel jean trend, but I can't do it yet. I feel like my thighs look HUGE in colored jeans.. evne though I have a few pairs. I can't bring myself to buy another pair b/c I dont wear the ones I have.. haha.. Sheez.