Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Need Your Help

Just curious, how would you pack for Italy?  Since the terrain is a bit more intense, we’ll be taking a lot of trains, unfamiliar territory, etc….This is a serious consideration people!!

So I've been thinking about this lately (I know, a little early, right?!?).  The way I see it, there are two options:


1) Pack regularly.  One suitcase of course.  Check it on our flight.  Business as usual.

2) Backpack…or something of the sort.  I know, definitely not my style.  However, think about it.  You wouldn’t have to pull a big luggage behind you while exploring the country.  You would have to wash some clothes while your there though.

So, if you’ve gone abroad, what did you do?  If you haven’t, what would you do?

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Kristen said...

I haven't been, but I'm sure if you're doing a lot of traveling, I'd definitely pack light. It would be hard but would be so worth it so you wouldn't have to lug all that stuff around. Just take note of some of those pins about essential pieces and have your accessories (jewelry, scarves) make the statement. Besides, a couple of friends of mine who did a lot of traveling while there, said that they pretty much wore comfortable shoes so there's really no need for wedges/heels.

Whitney @ justacountry-girl said...

hey hun! i went to Europe right after college and I totally took a HUGE suitcase and it was MISERABLE lugging it on tranes, planes and automoblies across Europe. I recommend packing as light as possible. Take things you can mix and match and add cute scarfs or fun accessories to make the outfits look different. Also take practical shoes that can transition easily from day to night. I missed the memo on that one too. Email me if you have other questions. I would be happy to give you some pointers :-) Hope you are doing well pretty girl!

Jane {In the Pink and Green} said...

Ahh Italy is amazing! My husband and I went on a 6-week trip around Europe two years ago and we both brought backpacks which we carried on the plane and it worked out great. It's much easier to carry around than a suitcase, especially because you're probably going to be doing a lot of walking with your bags! I'm not sure how long you're going for, but you definitely want to pack as light as possible! I brought lots of simple neutral (lots of black!) pieces to mix and match, and then you can change up your look with scarves which are easy to just buy over there (they sell them everywhere in Italy!) The hard part is shoes, but honestly I'd limit yourself to two pairs, and as tempting as it is to look cute, you have to make sure your shoes are comfortable or you'll be really sorry! (Trust me!) I'd also get some packing cubes to put your clothes in because they make a huge difference when you're using a backpack! And then I'd also bring a packable duffel bag in your back pack, that way if you buy souvenirs you have something to bring them back in...then when you're coming back you can always check your backpack and then carry on the duffel!

Ok, clearly traveling is a topic I love and I could seriously talk all day about it! If you have anymore specific questions, feel free to shoot me an email! I'm not sure where/when/how long y'all are going for but I'd be happy to suggest some of my favorite places I've been in Italy (I've gone twice)!

Anonymous said...

The one thing i would recommend is stylish sweats, ones that can be passed off as not sweats......for planes, trains and automobiles! Hope you have fun. So jealous.

 She's Got Heart{s}a

Megan said...

I've been to Europe a few times and I always took a suitcase. However, this was more for all the crap I ended up bringing back then the actual clothing I took. I would double up on things like wear shorts more than once, do not take any kind of shoes that are not comfortable. You will walk a ton! No point in taking up room with heels & stuff because you won't wear them. Take toiletries you can throw away. The best part is that Europe isn't THAT different then the USA in the sense of they will have anything & everything you need, if you forget it you'll find it, and if you just didn't bring it make a purchase to bring home with you (like the heels I mentioned). It's a good excuse to pay things & not over pack in the beginning!

Mrs. Pancakes said...

Backpacks are a must because it comes in so handy for all day sightseeing!