Monday, March 19, 2012

Weekend Recap!

Happy Monday everyone.  Hope you had a fabulous weekend and St. Patty’s Day!  The weekend was absolutely beautiful and we had some time to enjoy family and friends.  Also, we threw some time in there to relax!  I have some pictures for you of course!

Friday night, Derek’s parents came down to visit and we went to Eddie Merlot’s for Lobster Fest!  We had such a great time enjoying the lobster and it was an overall very memorable (errr…maybe, right Reba & Mel?!?) night!
Outfit of the night: Navy-stripped blazer with a coral top

Me with my bib…getting ready to crack that baby open!  Yum!

Derek’s Parents: Mel & Reba

Saturday, we enjoyed some pizza for lunch. Afterwards, we checked out the new Orange Leaf frozen yogurt place. It was seriously the best frozen yogurt ever!
Definitely filled up on these toppings!

Saturday night we had a low key St. Patrick’s Day-Night.  We had a great night with my friend Jen, who was in town.  She is currently, at BGSU for her PhD, so I jump on any chance I can get to see her!!  We went over to her boyfriend’s house, cooked dinner, and had a great night catching up!

Outfit of the night- Another blazer (green!) kinda night!

Sunday, we literally relaxed all day and night.  We watched a lot of basketball and enjoyed our deck..with the Brutie Man of course!
He loves sticking his little head through the cracks in our deck!

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Valerie Griffin said...

lobster & frozen yogurt! YUM!

Brittany said...

Your outfits are too cute! That frozen yogurt looks yummy!

Courtney said...

You look adorable and you are rocking that top knot! So cute!

Jax said...

Where do you find your adorable blazers?! I have been on the hunt for some unique ones that don't break the bank. :)

And herrow to adorable Brutus!

Faith said...

Oh yum!!! I want lobster now!! So delish!!!

Loving all the outfits you wore and your hair in the high bun is gorgeous! Love it!

Have the best week!

Eesh said...

All of those blazers look super chic on you! You look gorgeous!


Lauren said...

Love your outfits & lobster is my fav yum!!!!! :-)

dave and jenn said...

Okay, I have to know where you got your blazers. I'm really into blazers right now.

That lobster looked amazing!

Brown Girl said...

Cute, cute love your outfits. said...

Love Orange Leaf- lets have an orange leaf date soon!

Also digging your blazers!

Mrs. H said...

Oh how I miss eating lobster....well all seafood actually. And wine! I miss wine!

Ashley said...

Oh goodness, I love your puppy!! We have 2 yorkies! They are a mess :) I just popped by here for the first time, I don't know why I hadn't're too cute!

Sean Marie said...

I've mentioned before but your style is impeccable. I LOVE both outfits so so much. I am incredibly jealous of how skinny you are too. And holy shit, that is the biggest lobster I've ever seen in my life. I think it's bigger than you!

Janna Renee said...

You are such a fashionista! I love your blazers. I have a new found interest in blazers, as a matter of fact. Hope you have a good weekend pretty girl!