Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Happiest (and unhappiest) Cities to Work In

Careerbliss released a survey of the country’s happiest and unhappiest cities to work in.  Considering it’s Wednesday, I thought we could all appreciate a little bit encouragement (or not) about our jobs!  You can read more about the article here.

Happiest Cities to Work In:

  1. Miami, FL
  2. Worcester, MA
  3. Oklahoma City, OK
  4. San Jose, CA
  5. Oxnard, CA
  6. Wichita, KA
  7. Killeen, TX
  8. Syracuse, NY
  9. San Antonio, TX
  10. Provo, UT

    Unhappiest Cities to Work In:
    1. New Haven, CT
    2. Dayton, OH
    3. Milwaukee, WI
    4. Tulsa, OK
    5. Albuquerque, NM
    6. Fort Collins, CO
    7. Buffalo, NY
    8. Greensboro, NC
    9. Austin, TX
    10. Cincinnati, OH (oh ya, haha!)

    Well, my city made it….did yours??



    Elle Sees said...

    Atlanta made neither....yay?

    Faith said...

    hmm, my city didn't make it on any of the categories. i guess my job isn't as horrible as i thought. ha.

    Courtney said...

    Oh my gosh! How funny, my city made it on the unhappiest list. I wonder why?

    Lauren @ A modern day wife's journey said...

    Miami is close enough to us(about 4hours away) so that works lol :-)

    Denise said...

    My city didn't make it but it should of!

    THE mom said...

    Um...Austin TX on the unhappy list? WOW would have never guessed...and I'm being serious. I love it here.
    Killeen and San Antonio made it on the happiest list--> I would hate to live and work in either place. My hubs grew up right outside of Killeen too.

    Katie's Kollections said...

    Does working 45 minutes away from San Jose, CA work? LOL. Cool facts!

    Katie's Kollections said...

    Does working 45 minutes away from San Jose, CA work? LOL. Cool facts!

    Christine said...

    hell yeah! OKC is number 3! but I totally don't agree with Tulsa being an unhappy place! I've seen it on many other lists as the best place to live/work.

    Sean Marie said...

    Well, my city didn't make the best list but it didn't make the worst either!

    Erin said...

    Ahhh, Dayton AND Cincy?! Bummer for us huh!? ;) I'm up for a move to Miami, FL though... maybe I'll start looking - haha!

    Kristin said...

    LOL Oxnard is close by, and I would not be happy working there lol

    Natalie and Lee said...

    Birmingham, or should I say Alabama, never makes any list except the top 10 fattest states!haha :)

    Jax said...

    So funny that OKC is happiest but Tulsa (my city) is unhappiest.. They're an hour apart on the highway! LOL! Hilarious.