Monday, September 12, 2011

The Question Game- Answered!

Sorry for not living up to my word and posting these responses on Friday.  I was notified of some unfortunate news (which I need to collect my thoughts before I post on here) and all I wanted to do was have some chill-time on Friday!

ANYWAY- thanks again for all of your questions and without further adieu:
  • How did you know your Husband was "the one"? (CMae)- This is a very good answer the long of the short of it, I think it was really the commitment and effort Derek and I put into the four years of the long-distance relationship.  It really proved to me that he was "the one" and our relationship could really make it through anything!

  • When do you guys want to start a family and how many kids do you want? (you know I was going to ask that one!). :) Also, what are your favorite clothing stores, you always look so cute! (Courtney)- Another great question! We definitely want a family but we're in no rush!! We have been married two years now so we will start TALKING about having a family, I would say, next year. We haven't been on our honeymoon yet, so that's the first priority =) We are very undecided on how many kids we want. We are excited about starting a family so I would say anywhere from 1 to 3!
    • Thanks so much for the compliment by the way! My favorite stores would probably be The Limited, Macy's, and Nordstrom

  • What do you do for a living and how did you decide that career path?  If you could choose only one vacation place to visit for the rest of your life, where would you go? (Kristen)- I don't think I've ever shared this on my blog for some reason but both my husband and I are in the health care field.  He is a pharmacist and I'm in administration.  I just completed my classes for my Master's in Hospital Administration.  I work at a 2-hospital system here in Cincinnati doing everything from marketing and finance to strategy and human resources!  I decided this career path by completing my undergraduate degree in -basically- the same thing.  I had interests of one day becoming a physician....but the administration field intrigue me sooo much!  AND- I didn't want to go to school for another 12 years!!!
    • One vacation place...that is a hard one because I want to travel so many places!!!!  But if I had to choose one, I would probably pick Mexico. As Brad Paisley graciously puts it: "No one I know goes to Mexico to drink the water anyway" =)

  • When did you start blogging and what's your favorite thing about it? (dave and jenn)- I started blogging when I got engaged!  We had our own wedding website, so this is really where my blog began....then it finally turned over to a site kind-of like Blogger for about a year.  I followed so many of the blogspot blogs, so I then (once again!) moved my blog to Blogger last December!  I've met so many great friends (including you Jenn!)
    • My favorite thing to blog about....hmmmmm.....probably either fashion, food, or decorating =)

  • 1) What is your ideal meal - first course to last?  2) What made you build instead of buy?  3) Do you shower in the morning or at night? (Kate)- My ideal meal, this is an easy one because I LOVE food!  First Course: Jumbo lump crab cake; Second Course: Any type of "waldorf" salad!  Love those  fruit, nuts, and blue cheese crumbles in my salads with a delish vinaigrette!; Third Course: Medium rare filet mignon (hands down!)!!  If you don't mind, I would love a side of roasted asparagus and loaded au gratin potatoes; Dessert: Ok, let me preface by saying, I LOVE me some sweets.....but I'm not a typical "dessert-at-restaurants" kind of I would say my request would be a chocolate chip pizookie!
    • We built our house because after looking, we couldn't find exactly what wanted.  I come from a family of built-homes (my dad built all 3 of them!) it kind of runs in my blood!  Plus, there is nothing like living in a brand-spankin' new home!  We weren't in any rush because we were living in an apartment with a month-to-month lease, so the timing was perfect to build
    • And my shower habits (I love your questions Kate, haha!) I'm definitely a morning showerer!!  There is just something about it......AND the shower helps wake me up and feel refreshed!

  • What is your favorite movie? (Brittany)- Well this is another hard question.  My favorite genre is probably action/suspense movies....but I would say my all time favorite movie would probably have to be Mean Girls.  A CLASSIC!

  • What has been the hardest part about building a new home? What has been your favorite part? What was your favorite aspect of wedding planning?  (the girl in the red shoes)- The hardest part has been coming face-to-face with reality that we are not going to furnish this house over night!!!!  There are so many other expenses that come along with building a new home like landscaping, buying a lawn mower, blinds, paint, grass seed, light fixtures, etc!  So it makes it a bit challenging to sit back and slowly-but-surely get this house furnished!!
    • My favorite part would probably be just having a house!!  It was so much fun to pick out all the last details...but now that we are actually in our house, it's so nice to have it be "ours"!  
    • My favorite aspect of wedding planning.....EVERYTHING!!!!!  I was on such a tight budget (think: champagne tastes on a beer budget)!!  So that really made me plan and budget like no other!  I made everything, from the save-the-dates, to the invitations, table numbers, place cards, guest book, programs, thank-you cards, card name it, I made it!  It was sooo much fun for me!

  • What's your dream vacation?  If you could do ANY job, what would it be? (Mrs EyeCanSee)- My dream vacation would probably be a New Zealand, Australia, Fiji trip.  You said dream right =)
    • ANY job....definitely relates to the question dream job would be a wedding planner!  PSA: Anybody in the Cincinnati/Columbus area, I would pay YOU to let me plan your wedding!  Ahh maybe someday I'll be able to do this....

Thanks SO much again for all of your great questions!  I really enjoyed answering and hope you enjoyed reading!


90 Percent Blonde... said...

I must agree, my dream job would also be a wedding planner. I've had so much fun planning my own wedding and I think it would be an exciting job.

-Sarah @

moderndaywife said...

I love Mean Girls! Great questions & answers, thanks for sharing :-)

the girl in the red shoes said...

I love being able to get to know you better through this! Great answers! And I hope that you are okay despite whatever is going on right now. Sending hugs your way!

Ashley said...

you can plan my wedding (when it happens) in c-bus :)

Katie said...

you should try and shadow some event planners or wedding planners here in cbus or cinci! it's a great way to get in!! :) love the answers!

Kristen said...

We haven't officially been on our honeymoon yet either. We got married last October and Ryan started a new job and couldn't take time off and I was in school. Now that we're building a house, that takes priority. I definitely hope to do it before we have kids though!

Love all the answers. :)

Anonymous said...

So fun! Love all of your answers. Being a wedding planner would be so much fun! Although, some brides can be pretty craaaaazy!!! :)

dave and jenn said...

Those were fun!!

Miss Monica said...

What a fun blog. I love Mean Girls too. I can watch it over and over.