Monday, July 11, 2011

Weekend Recap!

So I finally feel like our house is coming together!  This weekend I got a TON done.  My mom stopped by and helped me on Saturday.  Sunday I painted the rest of the kitchen.  SO- that means I'll be posting some pictures soon!  Yay!

And another VERY exiting thing is we finally have a working washing machine in our house!!!!  Oh,  I didn't tell you the story...please listen carefully.  Never order anything from Sears....seriously!  Ok, so this is just my story, but it is a horrible one, and I'm not not a fan of Sears!

  • We ordered our washer, dryer, and fridge in March (as in 4 months ago)
  • We had our appliances set to be delivered for June 20
  • When they went to install the washer, the parts were missing in the carton 
  • They ordered the parts....14 days later, an instruction manual showed parts
  • They ordered more parts....7 days later, the installation guy came and told me they ordered the wrong parts
  • Ok- so after a MONTH without a washing machine, I was done with Sears!!  I went to HH Gregg, and received a matching washer and dryer set within 2 days!  It's ok- I went to high school in a town that had a washboard festival...seriously!  I know how to survive without technology.  You didn't know I lived such a sheltered life, haha!
  • Yes, we have been doing laundry every since
  • So anyway, when Sears came to pick up the washer and dryer (because of course I was done with this company and wanted these appliances out of my house!) the pick-up team had instructions they were picking up a fridge!!!
  • Are you kidding me?!??  Can Sears do anything right?  Basically, I wouldn't let these men leave until they called Sears to fix this.
  • They finally took them out of our house....and we are still doing laundry =)
Hope you had a great weekend!


Kristen said...

That sounds like an absolute nightmare! At least now you can say you don't have to deal with them anymore.

Brunette & Blessed said...

I would have been furious! glad you got it sorted out

dave and jenn said...

What a mess! We almost ordered a washer and dryer from Sears last summer - now I'm glad we didn't!

the girl in the red shoes said...

Oh my word! I can't believe that! I'm so glad you sent them back...serves them right!

Miss Monica said...

Thats a crazy story.First the furniture and now the appliances

MrsEyeCanSee said...

One month without a washer?!? I'd go outta my mind!

LabelSnob said...

Nightmare!!!! I have never been a fan of Sears but this just sealed the deal!!! So sorry you had all that frustration!