Monday, July 4, 2011

Happy 4th of July!

First- Don't forget to enter my giveaway!  The winner will be announced on Friday! 

More importantly, Happy 4th of July Everyone!!  Hope you had a great [hopefully long] holiday weekend!  Derek and I took a break from hell unpacking and painting this weekend.  As much as I didn't want to leave the house looking like madness, we knew we needed a break and we planned a jam packed weekend of having a good time!

Saturday morning I got my hair cut and colored....I'm officially now a brunette and lovin' it (more on that later!)  Even though it was a thousand degrees outside, we went to the Cincinnati Reds game.  We haven't been to game this season and they were playing the in-state rival, the Cleveland Indians.  We were lucky enough to sit along the first baseline so we were completely in the shade.  We had our hotdogs, loaded GRANDE nachos, bud-lights, some friends and we were set!  We had a great time

I love that the stadium is right along the river!

Yup, you see that.....I'm a brunette.  What do you think?

Sunday, we went to Derek's cousin's wedding.  It was a beautiful wedding on a golf course.  I pretty much forgot to take pictures that day (sorry!)!  As always, it was great to see the family and relax and have some fun at the wedding!
Congrats Jay and Megan!

Me and Derek!  We completely didn't realize this- but isn't it hilarious that I was wearing red and he was wearing blue....Get it (4th of July wedding?!?!)  Sorry, it obviously is not that funny but I found it very amusing!


Whitney said...

1. I LOVE your new hair color. Super cute!
2. I LOVE the reds! Kevin and I haven't made it to a game this season,but we enjoying going so much. I love that atmosphere.
3. The red white and blue combo you and your Hubby sported is adorable :)

annahita said...

love the cut and color! looks like a fun weekend and y'all are adorable in your [unintentional] "patriotic wear" ! :)

Katie said...

Love your hair lady...looks so pretty on you! I have been dying to get to a reds game ...hopefully soon!!

dave and jenn said...

I love your hair! And I think it's totally cute that you wore red and he wore blue. :)

Miss Monica said...

I love the new hair!

Meg {henninglove} said...

i just found your blog, i love the name of it! too cute and your puppy is so adorable! following you now :-) meg

JMay said...

You are gorgeous as a brunette!