Thursday, June 2, 2011

Sephora Reviews!

I took a little trip to a fun store called Sephora.  Ever heard of it before = ).  Seriously, a candy store for a girl.  I made some purchases that I am so happy with.  But before I get into the actually makeup reviews, I wanted to share a fun makeup article I found here.  The article is about a makeup artist, Katie Alves, who is very artistic when it comes to designing elaborate makeup designs.  This article featured Disney scenes on eyes:


Snow White

The Nightmare before Christmas

The Lion King


Alice in Wonderland

Pretty cool uh?

But moving on to the reviews (All links and pictures are from the Sephora website)

1.) Benefit: Girl meets Pearl- So this highlighter is pretty snazzy!  I think it reflects a bit more bronze than "pearl" on my skin but it does help produce that "dewy" look.  Definitely a great addition when wearing a bronzer.
2.) Urban Decay: Naked Palette- SO.WORTH.THE.WAIT!  I waited for this palette.  I couldn't find it anywhere!  And to top it off, when I finally did receive it, the primer applicator was broken!  So, I couldn't try it out.  But now that I have it, it is seriously A-MAZING!  It is the perfect colors for me, ranging from the browns, pinks, and plums (oh and also the scary blue that I will have to try and use someday)!  The primer that comes with the palette is just alright in my opinion.  I may try to find something another primer when it runs out.

3.) Laura Mercier: Shimmer Bloc in Pink Mosaic- Ok, run out and buy this today!  I'm so serious.  This was my favorite out of all my purchases.  I expected the eye palette (above) to be great (duh, that is why there was a wait list), but was unsure of how this shimmer bloc would look. It is the perfect pink-bronzing / luminizing / light-reflecting makeup ever!  I put it on and I just feel like "summer"!  Definitely recommend!

Let me know if you have any specific questions!



Natalie and Lee said...

LOVE the reviews! Going to get the blush ASAP! :)

Christine said...

Going to have to try the Laura Mercier now! Thanks for the reccomendation!

It's A Love Story said...

Cant wait to see the reviews!

Mrs. T said...

Thanks for the reviews! I wanted to buy the Naked palette last time I was in there, but I just feel like ALL my palettes are on the more neutral side, so I went with a more daring, colorful UD palette instead. I love it! I'm glad I "branched out."

Also, you commented on my blog about the dress pattern. Here is the dress:

Raven said...

those are freakin awesome. seriously going to get some of those for this years Halloween.

Emily said...

I have to avoid that store, it's so easy to spend a ton of $$$! It's such a fun place though :) I've heard such great things about the Naked Palette...glad you love it, too!

Jenn @ West Sac Honey said...

Hey Girl! I love that store too!

I got your comment on the puppy ties but you have a no reply commenter setting so I can't write you back! Let me know if your interested your puppy is adorable!!

Jax said...

I LOVE girl meets pearl! And I also love anything and everything Laura Mercier so I'll definitely give that a try!! Thanks so much for blogging about it! :)

Shellena said...

I just purchased the Naked eyeshadow kit not too long ago and I love it!!! Please check out my site and follow if you like.
Mint a la Mode