Wednesday, June 8, 2011

Lighting Debacle!

So I promise I did not start my new job and have been held captive the past 3 days!  The job is going very well!  Isn't it amazing how much we work ourselves up for...nothing?!? 

We have had happy hours the past two days so I haven't gotten home until 9.  I only had enough time to catch up on all of your blogs and then I had to go to bed because this is a working girl now =)

Anyway, so you know how I was talking about this crazy lighting situation earlier?  I still haven't made up my mind what I want to do!  Let me explain the sitch...but first, let me say that I know this is NOT a big deal and believe me we have much bigger problems in life than this little tiny lighting issue.  But nonetheless, it is still on my mind so I wanted to ask all of you lovely little readers your opinion:

Our entire house is brushed nickel.  Door knobs, bathroom faucets, bathroom lighting, bathroom & kitchen hardware, etc.  Case in point:

See.. brushed nickel.  Well we have to provide all the lighting / ceiling fans for our house on our you think we would want (well what else) brushed nickel right?!?! 

NOO....well kinda....

See here is the problem....when we started looking for ceiling fans, dining room chandeliers, eat-in-kitchen chandelier, entry chandelier, bedroom lights, and hallway lights....we kind of like this:



The "oil-rubbed bronze" look.  Don't get me wrong, I like the idea of brushed nickel (that is why we picked it for our faucets and hardware) but we are just naturally attracted to this bronze look more.  I'm torn....because I mean this is the time to have everything the same right?!?!  But how important is it?

Need your help; Please don't tell me I'm crazy!  (or do if I am, cause I know I am!)



Tracy-Girl @ Then I Got To Thinking said...

haha! Love this... do what you like, don't worry about having everything the same - sometimes it looks good mixed up :)

Whitney said...

hey girly! we went through the exact same thing. we did a lot of the brushed nickel from the builder, but ideally wanted everything (in the long run) to be oil bronzed. at the time we thought it would be cheaper to get oil bronzed on our own and upgrade along the way (after we closed/built the house) the builders were just wanting too much for the simple upgrades. however, it has been a pain...especially with all the plumbing when we have changed our faucets from brushed nickel to the oil rubbed bronze.

I think the oil rubbed bronze looks so impressive and expensive. however, it is your house girlfriend and you dont gotta please anybody but you and the hubby :)

looking back, i wish we would have just done the upgrades through the builder and saved us the time and headache we went through.

hope it helps :)

dave and jenn said...

We have a silver/chrome finish on all of our kitchen and bathroom faucets but have bronze light fixtures throughout the house. I think it's fine to mix and match! I say go with you like. Because you have some darker colors with the wood, I think it will all tie together nicely in the end.