Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Annnnd It's Official...I'm an idiot!

IT IS OFFICIAL...WE  ARE HOMEOWNERS!  Closing was today and everything went so smoothly!  We received our keys and then the home was all ours!  But because of all the stress of painting, moving, and then the furniture...it wasn't really time to celebrate yet.  I had to go straight to work after the closing and then after work, go get us some furniture!!  You will never guess what happened while I was running around (like I crazy woman) trying to find the goods:

  • First, I had Derek's car all day today.  Long story why, but I never drive this car...ever.  It is a boy car.  There is trash everywhere and it smells bad.  So, I just stick to my car.  OH and let me add one final thing before I get to the story: I drive a standard.  I have always had a car with a manual transmission.  But Derek's car is an automatic. 

  • So after I quick order the living room set from one place, I set off to go get us a dining room set.  I go to park in the parking lot and my key won't come out of the ignition.  Seriously, stuck in "ACC" and won't turn over to "start" or to "lock" to get the key out.
  • I panic....Well honestly, I get mad at Derek.  Lol, so logical to get mad at the husband who is NOT there!  I was just aggravated that he had me drive his car and then this situation happens.  I am about 15 miles away from my house, Derek is at work (until 10pm), and I don't know how to get the key out of the ignition.
  • When I said I panicked....I panicked!   I called my roadside assistance.  They said there was nothing they could do but tow me to a mechanic shop. So here I am (panicking) thinking that I will be sitting at a closed mechanic shop until 10:30 until my husband can come get me; An unnecessary bill for a mechanic to remove the key from the ignition; Not getting furniture shopping done tonight...blah blah blah
  • So after I agreed to be towed and get all that stuff taken care of I called my Dad.  I always call my dad when something is wrong with my car because even though he is 1,000 miles away, he can fix it...ALWAYS!

  • So I tell him the situation and he said (paraphrasing of course) switch it from "park" to "drive" and back to "park".  I look down and the freakin car is not in park!!!!!!!!! I was trying to take the keys out of the ignition when it was still in drive.  Are you kidding me?!?!?!?  (*added for my self-esteem- there is no "park" in standards, so I'm not use to doing this when I stop and get out of the car")  Of course the key comes right out with no problems once I switch the car in to park.

 Anyway, So yes, it's official that we are homeowners now...but also that I'm an idiot = )



MrsEyeCanSee said...

Hahaha. I've never driven a stick....so after reading this post I promptly asked my husband "Sticks don't have park??" I had NO clue!

And congrats on the house!!!

Anonymous said...

hahahah! I HAVE DONE THAT BEFORE TOO! I've always driven a manual, so I'm clueless on an Auto.

CONGRATS on the house! How exciting!

Miss Monica said...

Yes, I've had some car issues in the past which made me look like an idiot and I call my brother-n-law, he's thousands miles away and can fix anything too. Glad it all worked out. Congrats on the house!

Kristen said...

Haha....moments like those, you can't help but laugh at yourself - whether it's then or later. I once locked my keys in my car TWICE in one week. I felt pretty pathetic but laugh about it now.

Zara said...

First congrats on the house. Second I hate hate hate automatic cards. I literally stalled on once. How in the world do you stall an automatic transmission. Don't ask me, but I've done it. I love my standard transmission and that is all we have in every single one of our cars. :-)

Hope you never have to drive that car again! :-)

Kate said...

Hilarious story, but more importantly CONGRATULATIONS on becoming a homeowner and getting thekeys in your hand, YAY!!!!!! Tell me, how do you find living room furniture and dining room furniture in 1 night and without your husband? I've been scowering Pottery Barn ads, Crate and Barrel ads, etc and am having such a hard time narrowing it all down. How did you do it?!!

Portuguese Prepster said...

ahhh I love this story-reminds me of myself! And congrats on being a homeowner!!

asj said...

hilarious! I've definitely had some of those moments too... congrats on the house!!

dave and jenn said...

Oh girl, if you guys decide to have kids you will experience something like this again - it sounds like the pregnancy brain I have had these days!!

Congrats on the new place! Can't wait to see it all decked out.

Anonymous said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! What a huge, exciting accomplishment..can't wait to see pictures!

PS-Its katie @ keep calm and carry on.

LabelSnob said...

OMG! What a stressful situation!!! Yay for Dads!!
Anyway...congratulations on your closing!!! That is so exciting and I'm so happy for you! My hubby and I are building a house too and just picked all our colors-it was fun (and stressful)!
Can't wait to see your pics with your house decorated!

Kristin said...