Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Weekend Recap!

So we had super fun plans for the weekend!  We were going to do a date night, go to the delicious Taste of Cincinnati, hang out with some friends, and do some relaxing after our crazy week. Unfortunately, Derek wasn't feeling too well again so we headed back to the ER.  It turns out his left lung was collapsed...again.  His thoracic surgeon did not hesitate and pretty much demanded surgery.

So the weekend involved the scary process of Derek undergoing video-assisted thoracoscopic surgery (VATS).  He is still in the hospital so we have been renting a lot of red box movies and talking a lot about decorating our house!  Neither of us have ever had surgery or been "put-out" so while I was nervously awaiting Derek's surgery to be done, I wrote a letter:

Dear Pneumothorax(s),

While you have graced us with your presence twice now, I sincerely wish you will never come back to visit my Husband.  You cause a lot of pain and frustration for our family.  In fact, you are becoming quite annoying because you seem to go away...and then come back.  I do not like you for many reasons.  One being that you cause my husband pain.  Second is you REALLY interfere with our lives.  I had to send my puppy away to my in-laws so I can spend more time at the hospital.  And now my apartment feels so very empty without my little man running around.  You also placed all the responsibility of painting and moving on me.  My husband may be thanking you just a teensie-weensie bit because of this.  But don't be mistaken, he really hates you too.

Anyway, hopefully the surgeon took care of you for good so we never have to experience see you again.  I do have to thank for opening my eyes and giving me a new appreciation for the ability to breathe freely, move my body in any way that I want/need, take showers whenever I want, eat whatever I want instead of what is currently being served, and lastly, sleep in my own bed with no interruptions during the night!  And oh yeah, still hating you right now.  

The girl who never wants to see you again



dave and jenn said...

Oh no! So did everything go well? I hope he is discharged soon. That is no fun for either of you.

the girl in the red shoes said...

Oh no! I'm so sorry! Praying extra hard for your husband to heal up quickly!

CMae said...

Oh geez this is not good! Hope everything gets fixed soon come on Doctors!!! Work that magic!

Miss Monica said...

Your family will be in my prayers!

Mrs.Hammar said...

WOW. Still praying for yall!